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 Topic: John G Lake
John G Lake [message #13105] Fri, 24 January 2020 14:38
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I was listening to a brother online reading a book written by John G. Lake. I believe when it came to divine healing John G Lake preached this message stronger then HF.

This man had seen more people healed and brought to Christ in his life time then what we could imagine.

How could these men at the turn of the century have the power of God visibly working in their ministry? What was different?

For several years now I have been seeking the Lord for healing in my body but at times resorted to remedies of various types. That sounds better then saying I was taking medicine. I don't have a lot of confidence in medical science mainly because of their track record, and I have always thought disease was part of the curse and I have thought that men can never remove the curse from mankind. Its only God and God along who can deliver men, and we all know, this was provided at Calvary, removal of the curse.

I started looking at all the scriptures on divine healing and set myself to memorizing them, I thought this might be part of the issue why so many have to struggle in this area. While I got some relief, I still was plagued with certain symptoms. We have heard about trials of the faith but in the Bible when God healed someone they were healed. I did not know if we can call everything a trial.

I took a good look at the Bible to see; were we taught wrong as some have suggested, you know saying we were deluded and involved in a cult. I read a post on this board called "Were we crazy?", suggesting this was the problem. They obviously did not believe in divine healing.

But going through the scriptures I can see we have a better covenant then the Old Testament saints. They were promised healing, we have been promised healing. When the Lamb of God was sacrificed on the cross we see that "it was finished". We are set free in body, soul, and spirit. The Bible says: that the gates of hell will not prevail against the church of Jesus Christ.

Why no healing?, Why no power? I have come to the conclusion that the problem is with us/me. What is in my life, something is stopping the flow of God from reaching out and becoming what the Bible says we should be like. I thought for a while maybe its sins of presumption, like David mentions in Psalms. I've tried to consider every angle.

When you read the books from all these men of God at the turn of the century, who walked in the power and anointing of the Spirit, it makes you wonder. I don't think we can shove this off on the Lord when He provided everything at Calvary, saying were waiting on God.

I also considered, I did not want to be in the place where I can see the Word but I don't see it, or I can hear the Word but can't hear it. That theme is all through the Bible, where God tells the prophets: the people cannot hear nor see what is being said. Well you have to be honest and consider everything in the Lord, it is possible to be self deluded. God wants us to examine ourselves to some degree. Maybe that's the key word, "self", too much of self still on the throne and in control.

These statements are no way meant to condemn but to be honest before the Lord. Please don't let the fiery darts of the enemy tell you different. I'm thinking only about my own journey on this earth and looking at what God said He would do, and at the church as a whole without the power and anointing that should be there. I know God will never leave us or forsake us, but isn't He the One who is worthy of all our affections in this life?

I want to share more on this I'm going through John G. Lakes books and seeing what this brother is saying to us and why it worked for him. For instance he stated:

Beloved, may every one of these holy demonstrations work out in your life, as they worked out in mine, a divine consciousness that God by the Spirit never comes to a man's life to whitewash him, or smooth him over, but God comes to him to make him new and give him a new heart, a new mind, a new spirit, new blood, new bone, new flesh, to send him out with a new song in his mouth, a new shout of praise in his heart, and a new realization of holiness-a truly redeemed man.

Also he states:

Basically the person that is sick in the body has been sick in the spirit quite a while. It has gotten down into his soul and passed through that into the body. I cannot tell you brethren what this truth that I an telling you has meant in my life. I now can trace every physical change in my body to a spiritual condition. My body responds to my spirit.

I hope this will bless you brothers as much as it is blessing me. I realize you all have walked with the Lord a number of years and desire to know His Will. The gates of hell will not prevail against us as we take a stand in the Lord. There are dark clouds arising over this world and seriously who knows how much time is really left.

In Him,

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