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 Topic: OT Prophecy #21 Doctrine of the Messiah
OT Prophecy #21 Doctrine of the Messiah [message #12525] Fri, 17 August 2018 10:46
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The Meaning and Nature of Messianic Prophecy

1/ The Meaning

That prophecy that predicts the fulfillment of redemption. The establishment of the Kingdom of God on the earth through the messiah. It is not limited to the prophets. It is also found in the Pentateuch, Psalms and historical books as well.

2/ The Nature

Messianic prophecy in the OT proceeded along two lines based on the covenant God gave Abraham. Gen. 12/2-3

. . . A great nation. This was pointing to Israel and the later kingdom of God
. . . All will be blessed. Points to salvation

Here is where messianic prophecy begins to take shape into two streams.
A. a glorious kingdom ruled over by a Davidic monarch
B. the messiah who is shown to be a suffering servant who dies for his people

A. The promise made to Abraham created the expectation in Israel for a kingdom and as the kingdom of God. This was heightened when Saul actually became king. The national conception of Israel as the kingdom of God. Then with David becoming king as a type of the messiah an even greater expectation came.

11 Sam.7 - God gave to David that his future son would be the messiah and establish an eternal kingdom.

With the ensuing disappointments of the kings after David ending in the destruction of Jerusalem and the exile the hope of a messianic king in their thinking and theology became the hope of a messianic deliverer.

You see in the NT in John 6 the expectation of a messiah who would come and rule over them and deliver them from their enemies. The point here is that deliverer was never in the original prophecy. When they came back after 70 yrs exile they discovered Zerrubabaal was not the messiah. He was only a man and their hope of deliverance wasn't being realized.

Joel 2,3 Amos 9/11-15, Haggai 2/3, Ezek.3/11-13, Neh.9/32 These all show a hope of deliverance. Neh.9/32-37 His prayer shows his (their) facing up to reality that the promises were yet to be fulfilled.

So their expectation was yet to a future kingdom. The prophecies over the centuries showed a king would come like David but greater and establish a kingdom like David but greater.

B. The other stream of prophecy shows a suffering servant who would come and die. Is. 53, Ps.22, Zech. 13/7

According to David Baron in his book on Zechariah the Jews couldn't reconcile these two streams of prophecy so they formulated the doctrine of two messiahs. Messiah ben Joseph who would suffer and die. Messiah ben David who would rule and reign. We know now that it is two advents referred to. Luke 24 fulfills the first advent and Matt. 24 fulfills the second.

On pages 136-145 of the deeper life book here is a discussion of Messianic prophecies and the messianic kingdom prophecies.

Re: OT Prophecy #21 Doctrine of the Messiah [message #12526 is a reply to message #12525 ] Fri, 17 August 2018 11:08
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The Meaning and Usage of the Term "Messiah"

Heb. Mashiach
Gr. Christos

It comes from the Heb. verb Mashach - to smear or anoint.

a. to smear. to smear (paint) a house Jer. 22/14
Isaiah 21/5 to rub (smear) a shield with oil to protect it. (from rust)
Ex. 29 2 to smear unleavened cakes with oil.

b. to anoint. It came to mean Jesus name.
There is a close connection in the OT between anointing and consecration.

To anoint is used in two ways in the OT.
1. the literal sense where men were actually anointed with oil signifying their consecration to some office.
2. the metaphysical sense used of those who have been called and set apart by God but not actually anointed

Aaron was literally anointed
Num.7/1 the tabernacle
Ex. 39/26
1Sam. 9,10,`16 Kings were anointed
1 Kings 19/16 Elisha prophets and kings anointed

Oil symbolized consecration and setting apart to God.
Jewish patriarchs Ps. 105/15 they are called anointed but it wasn't literal.
Habakuk 3/13 Iswrael
Is. 45/1 Cyrus is called Gods anointed
The Davidic king or messiah is called anointed Ps. 2/2, 18/50,
89/38,51 132/10,17 1 Sam. 2/10,35, Dan. 9 25-26

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