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Re: Bulletin Board [message #12547 is a reply to message #12516 ] Mon, 24 September 2018 11:18
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Called To Make A Difference...

Matthew 5:13-16 is straight from the mouth of Jesus, it's to us, all who name the Name of Christ. So why is our (the body of Christ/church) witness/influence not bearing more fruit? Why is it that we don't shine forth like a light on a hill? Why aren't the lost convicted of their ungodliness by our life's witness?

Charles Spurgeon said this in a sermon over 100 years ago:

"I believe that one reason why the church of God at this present moment has so little influence over the world is because the world has so much influence over the church."

We (the church/body of Christ), look and act so much like the world that what light is there is just a flickering candle as opposed to a shining bright light giving hope to those lost and walking in darkness. Our lives should draw people to God and His Glory, showing the way for them to behold the wonder of God and His great love. Leading to faith and trust in Jesus and His work at Calvary to redeem lost sinners.

Again as with almost everything I post on this forum I'm writing first to remind myself, then if someone else can be encouraged/edified/exhorted/admonished to good works and reminded of what we all already know we should be doing (but so often aren't), then praise the Lord.

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"For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God."
Re: Bulletin Board [message #12548 is a reply to message #12547 ] Mon, 24 September 2018 12:48
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Sobering passage.


I want to believe!
Forum: OT Theology
 Topic: OT Theology #22 Eschatology
Re: OT Theology #22 Eschatology [message #12549 is a reply to message #12539 ] Mon, 24 September 2018 21:57
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The OT Doctrine of the Future life

The doctrine of the Future Life

1. The critical view
The critics teach that the Heb. did not believe in cessation of life at death but it could hardly be called life. All joy is gone, communion with God is ended, and all men good and evil must spend eternity in a dark and gloomy Sheol.
They quote vs like Ps 6/5 for eg. Yet all this vs is saying is that you can't serve God in the grave.
The liberals base this view on the corporate personality theory. That the Heb. idea of the future life was for him to live through his descendants because of his strong sense of family and nation.

2. Evidence of Israels belief in a future life

Our study of Israels belief in a future life will be shown by the concepts used below. The second line of evidence will be the OT texts themselves as covered under the doctrine of the resurrection.
The critics say that Israel had no hope of future life and where these concepts are used it is quite late in Israels history. The truth as evidenced below is that they did have a future hope and it is evident quite early.

a. The phrase "gathered to ones fathers"
This is not merely a reference to the burying of one in a sepulchre.
God promised Abraham he would be gathered to his fathers yet his fathers were in Mesopotamia. Jacob was gathered to his people yet he was in Egypt and they were in Palestine. Gen. 49/33 He was also buried 70 days later.
Num. 20/24 Aaron - his fathers were in Egypt so it can't mean just the land or a graveyard. It sometimes refers to this but it means he was gathered to where his fathers "are" ie: the spiritual dimension. So this very phrase implies belief in a future life.

b. Necromancy (the seance)
This was forbidden in Israel but some did it anyway. (King Saul) It indicated a belief that there were people out there somewhere or they wouldn't be trying to contact them. Samuel said to Saul he would be with him tomorrow yet Saul and his sons were buried much later. 1 Sam.28

c. Creation in the image and likeness of God.
Only man was created this way and this was for fellowship with him. If it was only for 70 yrs and then descend into Hades with no hope of that fellowship continuing would seem to contradict the reason for creating him.

d. The tree of life in the garden of Eden. If Israel came into the knowledge of a future life in the inter testament period then why have a tree of immorality right at the beginning.

e. The sacredness of human life
Great stress is placed on the value of a human life in the OT. They are careful not to take it lightly. Even an animal. They were not to drink the blood because it was the life of the animal.
The prohibition against murder and other laws shows the value of human life.

f. The doctrine of Sacrifice
A life is substituted for a life. Sin separated from God so why substitute an animal if it was only for a few yrs in this life. Why bother with all the rigorous system of sacrifice. The point here is one had to be restored to fellowship before death so it wouldn't be eternal.

g. The eschatology of Israel
This showed Israel believed in a future life. The kingdom of God to be established on the earth. The day of the Lord where the wicked and the righteous were to be rewarded.

h. The question of the teaching of the retribution and rewards in the OT.
This shows Israels belief that in a future time this would happen.
Is14/16 The king of Babylon. The other kings there mock him as he goes lower than they
Ps.49/15 The righteous will go the Lord
Dan. 12/2 A resurrection of the wicked to shame and the righteous to glory.
Ps. 9/17 a place of punishment

The translation of Enoch and Elijah shows belief in a future life.
The book of life

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