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 Topic: Long Term Trials
Long Term Trials [message #12234] Sat, 29 April 2017 20:36
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I put this up a while ago but because of someones private comments I took it down and thought it over. I still think it needs to be said though. There is no point in deceiving or fooling yourself.
Re: Long Term Trials [message #12235 is a reply to message #12234 ] Sat, 29 April 2017 20:37
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Long Trials

I am aware of several people that embrace the faith message that are going through severe long term trials and I have some thoughts on that.

Let me say first that faith is designed by God to get us an answer. It is not designed to get us a trial. When there is faith in your heart you know it. Its part of your life and you are aware it is there. That doesn't mean every time you pray you see it or in a trial you're aware of it. But in your life generally you are aware it is there. If its faith you know it. You've seen it operating in some way. Faith is not blind in the sense that you have no awareness of it in your life.

Generally speaking if you or someone close to you is in a severe physical trial long term and nothing is happening then something is wrong. I talking here about strokes heart attacks etc.

Lets look at HEF's last heart attack. After it happened he was very weak. Even had to be helped into the pulpit. The point though is that he didn't stay that way. It was a very severe trial and took some months to get better but the point was he did get better. That is what is supposed to happen. That is the normal state of affairs. Getting better!

Incidentally I am of the opinion that the heart attack was satanists probably out of Kentucky that did it. I think they threw everything they had at him and he defeated them with his faith. Without going too much detail they used their witchcraft and called something very big up out of the pit and sent it against him. They must have been absolutely astounded when he defeated it with his faith.

If you or someone close to you is in a severe physical trial and nothing is happening then something is wrong. Yes the book of Job is in the bible but that trial came to a man who was very mature and could handle it. I know all about enduring but trials are supposed to come to an end. If there is no end it isn't a trial. The difference between a trial and a problem is a trial has an end.

If that is you or someone close to you then you need to take a serious look. There could be several reasons why healing isn't coming.

The most obvious one is a lack of faith. It takes real genuine faith to get an answer. Its not hard to get. It just takes time. We've all got some but it has to be involved in the situation or an answer is not going to come. It is very easy to confuse zeal for faith. A 5/f minister I know said faith is a choice. That is true but it still only goes so far. It has to be something real in the heart and if you didn't see it in your life prior to the trial then it probably isn't real. Or at least not being used. Meaning an answer isn't going to come.

I have to say again I am talking here about someone who is in a severe long term serious trial and apparently nothing is happening. Like a stroke or heart attack. Its been a long time and they're not getting better.

Another reason why healing isn't coming is because there is something wrong in a life. Sin or an open door.
Another account here from HEF. He had near the end of his life a serious trial with his leg. Lots of rumours about that one. Several things to say here.
First there was a reason for the trial and I'm not going into detail but there was a problem in his life. When he fixed it the leg problem left.

There was all kinds of rumours that went around when he died and the reasons for it. I don't know how many times I heard someone say “well I heard from a 5/F minister . . .”
The truth is according to the autopsy report he died of heart failure. In other words his heart stopped beating. There was nothing else wrong with him. No gangrenous leg, heart disease diabetes or anything else. He died because his heart stopped beating.

I think as he was recovering from that trial he took a serious look at his life. He saw serious trials; 1000's of people hanging onto his coat tails; persecution by the media; the justice system out to get him! I think he just got to the point where had enough and from deep in his heart he cried out to the Lord. The Lord accommodated him and took him home. In other words he wanted to go.

I don't know why people think he was some kind of supernatural person or God's prophet that could do no wrong. He was an ordinary guy like all the rest of us. When he fixed the problem his healing came. That is the way it is supposed to be. Faith is to get you an answer not a trial. If you are in a serious long term trial and nothing is happening then something is wrong.

If you or someone close to you is in this kind of trial and your faith is involved then something of some kind needs to be happening. That something may be a strong inward knowing that you are healed. But if that is the case you will be able to function. And at some point your faith will make the answer come. Faith is not just enduring. It is not a blind faith that that never sees any results. If it is faith and its real then in some way you will be seeing results. I'm talking here about a serious long term trial. Not a week long cold.

So what is the solution?

Seek your Lord. Its not a lack of faith to go to your heavenly father and ask for help. IMHO one of the most underutilized promises is Heb.7/25 I don't claim that one very often as its not really necessary. If it was serious and long term I'd claim the promise and get in front of the Lord.
Get the faith. Its not hard to get. It just takes time. My suggestion is to get some of Hef's old faith tapes. A good one is “Stepping stones to answered prayer” I have listened to that 100's of times. I still listen several times a week. Because it helps me and ministers to me. It simply isn't going to work if there is not faith operating. Don't deceive yourself.
Fast. Isaiah 58/8 notice it says “speedily” that is how things are supposed to work. I put up a whole post recently about fasting.

This not meant to discourage anyone. My point is if you don't have what it takes an answer is not going to come. You will just live with a miserable existence. Take a careful realistic look at the situation. Do something about it. If it has been going on for a long time and no answer is forthcoming then something is wrong.

Lastly if things are serious and long term and the individual has simply given up and “no hope” why not just ask the Lord to take you home. What is so terrible about that? My mother had Parkinson's disease. She had yrs before given up on the faith message. We finally had to put her in a home as we couldn't take care of her. She was living a miserable existence. I don't know how much was my prayer and how much was natural but I asked the Lord to take her home and 2 weeks later she went.

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