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Fires before the Dawn by Alistair Gardiner

An insight into the current events of the `90`s to the final coming of Christ.

(on back page of book)

Alistair Gardiner`s commitment to the message of this book eventuated in a remarkable manner. During his service in World War 2 as a Pilot, he was involved in a mid-air encounter & a consequent horrific plane crash. Blinded, paralysed & helpless in the wreckage of his cockpit, God challenged him for future service.
Subsequently he attended Melbourne University, graduating in Commerce (Economics) & Business Administration, followed by a very successful business career. God`s war-time challenge became a reality, & he was invited to minister in practically every denomination in numerous countries around the world.
He is currently (1992) the immediate Past President of the Apostolic Church in Australia.

FOREWARD by Alistair Gardiner.

Incontestably the most fascinating & provocative proposition for consideration today, is the phenomenal correlation between contemporary world events & their accurate prediction centuries ago.

This is a subject which has consistently motivated personal interest, incentive & research for decades. It is of particular significant that the momentous & dramatic crisis which has characterized the `1990`s` were not only precisely & explicitly foretold; but were correspondingly aligned with, & depicted as a prelude to the final cataclysmic world conflict of Armageddon.
This book is submitted to draw attention to the overriding consequence of these international powerplays; & to stimulate your personal preparation for the simultaneous appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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1.War in the Gulf.
2.Catalyst for the Countdown.
3.Alignment of Superpowers.
4.Second Russian Revolution.
5.Countdown to World War 3.
6.European Common Market.
7.March of Islam.
8.Coming World Dictator.
9.Capital City of the World.
10. The Religious Economist.
11. Mark of the Beast.
12. One World Government.
13. Kings of the East.
14. Battle of Armageddon.
15. Quo Vadis.



2.Doctrinal Systems.
3.Principles of Interpretation.
4.Prophetic Calendar.
5.Day of the Lord.
6.Day of God.

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Indisputably the world has experienced phenomenal international powerplays this current decade (1990`s) on a scale, & in a pattern never preciously envisaged. Forces of nationalism have been unleashed & deep emotional feelings have been tapped to an intoxicating degree, creating dramatic realignment of political, economic & ethnical utopianism. Internationally the world will never be the same again. What does the future hold?

These ominous developments have been accurately predicted & specifically recorded in vivid detail by prophets twenty-five centuries ago. They are depicted, not as isolated incidentals but as sequential components of a Divinely integrated program. One which will be implemented in a predetermined chronological order to ultimately culminate in the final battle of this age of Armageddon.

With remarkable precision each event so predicted by diverse prophets has been designated & correlated distinctly by the same word translated `appointed time.` Each Reference, without exception has been specifically linked to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There has never been a time in the history of the world when so many of these predictions have been so rapidly & so precisely fulfilled. The first few months of this decade (1990`s) have already produced an escalation of unprecedented crises that have rocked the world - & confirmed the prophets.


The phenomenal transformation in eastern Europe.
Th`Second Russian Revolution` with the consequent disintegration of monolithic communism.
The remarkable transition of world focus once again to the Middle east, with its continuing & ominous tensions.
The projected reduction of the nuclear arsenals of the Super-powers. ~When men are shall say peace & safety....`
The recurring emphasis on the implementation of `A New World Order,` ie. One World Government.
The trauma of Yugoslavia with its incessant ethnic conflict & shocking atrocities – particularly Bosnia – Herzegovina – in spite of recurrent ceasefires & international mediation.

The absolute fragility of European monetary & political integration emphasised by the currency crisis of September 1992; the collapse of the `Exchange Rate mechanism` & the irresolute endorsement of the Maastrict Treaty.

Such dramatic fulfilments indicate clearly the inevitability of the current countdown to the predicted final gigantic world conflict. The consensus of political pundits & intelligence strategists alike, is not `if` but `when` will Armageddon eventuate.

Certainly, it is not surprising that all this has engendered a commensurate resurgence of interest in such accurate predictions by the Prophets of the Bible.

Of great importance – Future events are just as precisely foretold.

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Chapter One


Contemporary history has witnessed what has generally been regarded as the most brilliantly executed blitzkrieg since the annihilation of the Roman Army at Cannae, by Hannibal, in 216 B.C. Operation `Desert Storm,` particularly the final 100 hours of strategic feint and encirclement, bids fair to provide a classic pattern for military textbooks for future generations.
General Norman Schwarzkoff, the man who personally devised and effectively conducted this decisive campaign, had prepared all his professional life for this role.

Time Magazine - `The achievements of this man will rank with those of Montgomery & Eisenhower. This commander of the vast military might of the allied coalition, also possessed a startling prophetic mind. As long ago as 1983 Schwarzkoff foresaw the possibility that the U.S.A. might one day find itself at war in the Middle East. He designed contingency plans for such an event. His sister revealed that he always believed that the big eruption would come in the Middle East. Five days before Saddam Hussein launched his invasion, Norman & his staff happened to be running an exercise predicated on the possibility that Iraq might over-run Kuwait.`

Operation Desert Storm

This battle-plan was audacious, systematic & proficient. The initial, but vital, pre-requisite was to render the Iraq command/control system & radar completely inoperative. Hussein would then be effectually `blinded,` as to allied operations. The modus operandi – massive & sustained air-attacks, precision bombing & powerful high-tech electronic obliteration.

Simulated amphibious assaults against the Kuwaiti coast were to be conducted, supported by an armada of ships, to keep the enemy concentrated in that area. Meanwhile, the main allied thrust would be 500 miles westward, with an avalanche of tanks, outflanking the Saddam Line & overwhelming the strong-points by encirclement. The British crack Special Air Service & the U.S. Rangers were to make deep forays into Iraq, days before the attack, to establish strategic logistical bases to facilitate the rapid tank advance.

This contingency plan was presented & adopted at a combined allied conference at Number 10 Downing Street. The final top-secret plan of operations was entrusted to a high-ranking airforce officer for safe keeping. His briefcase, containing these documents was stolen from his car, causing the whole operation to be in jeopardy. In the wrong hands that sensitive information could have resulted in unacceptably heavy casualties to the allied armies – even ignominious defeat. However, to the relief of all concerned, the documents & plans were returned intact with the note – “I am a thief, but, at least, I am loyal to my Country.”

General Schwarzkoff declared himself as the logical successor to Alexander the great, the last King of Babylon (4th Century B.C.) He modelled his whole campaign on the famous achievements of this brilliant strategist. It is somewhat ironic that the battle plan of the last King of Babylon should so successfully defeat Saddam Hussein, the current `Self-styled` King of Babylon.

Australia`s involvement in the Gulf was to supply a naval contingent with support vessels. In reprisal, at least six terrorist plots against vulnerable targets in this country were uncovered & foiled by the Australian Intelligence Agency. Each scheme, if successful, would have resulted in heavy loss of life. Many more tragedies were also prevented by extra security measures.

Accent on Oil

The primary & dominant purpose of this Australian Naval contribution: & that of the combined planes, fleets & armies from the allied nations concentrated in the Gulf was not to defend a country, a kingdom or even a hill of sand. It was not even to free a nation of oppressed people. The basic objective was to safeguard a price – the price of oil. The economies of nations fluctuate with any restriction on oil. Politicians & Pundits from around the world were virtually unanimous in their conviction that Saddam Hussein must evacuate Kuwait. The United Nations voted overwhelming to that effect. However the same organisation had previously passed 176 similar resolutions regarding analogous acts of aggression without implementing any corresponding positive action. Words have been offered rather than weapons. Why the massive response now? Saddam Hussein made his intention abundantly clear. His purpose was to corner the entire oil deposits of the Gulf area, & so dominate the production & manipulate the world price of that commodity.

Oil was what the Middle East crisis was all about. It has influenced every decision made and every action taken. Robert Tucker, a highly regarded Middle East expert at John Hopkins University, as far back as 1975 `Strongly advocated a permanent United States Presence in the Gulf. A force that would guarantee a steady flow of oil.` Every president since then has concurred. The Australian Prime Minister Mr Hawke said `There would be catastrophic economic effects if Saddam Hussein was allowed to pursue his goal of dominating the world oil market. This was one of his main motivations to expel Iraq from Kuwait.`

The influence of Arab oil, & the wealth it generates will be a decisive factor shaping future strategy. It will eventually lead to a cartel whose policies will dominate all other world superpowers, consolidating their economic & political authority under one charismatic supremo.

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Focus on the Middle East

Operation "Desert Storm" has certainly restored the Middle East as the focal point of world attention. Without doubt it is an area of immense prophetical significance, particularly Iraq, which has been designated variously in history as Mesopotamia, Assyria and Babylon.

For centuries Europe has been the Caldron where wars erupted with predictable regularity, involving various belligerents, to culminate eventually in the titanic conflicts of World War 1 and World War 2. Subsequently, apart from some brief incursions into the Orient, the cold war situation has retained the spotlight in Europe. More recently, however, Gorbachev's "Perestroika", i.e. Reconstruction, has defrosted the cold war temporarily; and caused the disintegration of the Monolithic Soviet Republics as predicted by the Prophet Ezekiel in an amazing revelation - which merits a chapter in itself.

The American historian of Islam, Bernard Lewis, stated recently “The GuIf War is a signal that the end of the Cold war does not mean the beginning of Peace, but the beginning of a new form of war ... a war being waged by Moslem fundamentalist... against the West".

This re-alignment of ancient nations which have emerged from obscurity and become the focus of world attention has been accurately foretold by the prophets centuries ago. The entire scenario dearly provides an indisputable sign that we are living in the last days of this age. There will be a series of crises affecting the entire world. Super-powers will emerge and capitulate to ruthless dynamic leaders. World War 3 is I believe, already on the horizon. Its magnitude will only be transcended by the final great battle of unprecedented proportions - Armageddon.

Iraq in particular will be involved. This was where history commenced; the location of the most ancient city in the world and where great empires had their day. Here was the site of the Tower of Babel, and the cradle of civilisation. The present Gulf crisis is only the preliminary performance in a phenomenal series of Biblical predictions for the Middle East.

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Messiah or Despot

The universal opinion of the Allied Nations considered Saddam Hussein as a megalomaniac, a sadistic despot who systematically despoiled Kuwait. However, one of the amazing repercussions engendered by Operation Desert Storm has been the resurgence of Pan-Islamic nationalism. To countries emerging from centuries of oppression, humiliation and foreign intervention Hussein has become a Champion, a Messianic Paladin. He has released profound emotive sentiments and pride that will not disappear with the cessation of hostilities. "Oil is wealth and this wealth is for Islam" has become the catchcry.

Saddam - the name he prefers - actually means "One who confronts". It is this confrontation against "Imperialist" enemies which has provided the catalyst to accelerate the destiny of the Middle East. It has inspired an intoxicating beacon of expectancy across national boundaries from Africa to Indonesia.

The coalition won the battle, but in the eyes of the Islamic World, Hussein won the war, he was not defeated. Already the strategists are emerging, arms are being replenished. Clovis Maksoud, the Arab League Ambassador to the United Nations stated recently The Arab World is never going to be the same, History will not be made just for us. It has to be made by us."

Saddam Hussein's vision and ambition has always been to be the power broker of the Middle East, to weld Arabic race identity with Moslem religious fervour and thus dominate and recreate the vast Islamic Empire of the 9th Century which lasted for 500 years. He leads the Baath Party, whose name means "Renaissance" - Renaissance to this place of power and authority as a mighty third world power.

His intention and program was explicitly revealed in March 1990. It was to be implemented in a definitive 3-fold schedule: -

(1) Corner the entire oil deposits of the Gulf area: to control and manipulate world prices.

(2) Destroy Israel by every means at his disposal. He knows that the most effective way to popularity, and to unite the Arab World behind any leader is to declare a "Jehad" or Holy war against Israel. In addition he has strong personal motivation.

(a) The destruction of the Iraq Nuclear plant at Osirak in 1981 by Israeli bombers in a devastating airstrike.

(b) The execution by the Mossad Israeli Intelligence Agents of Dr Gerald Bull, who secretly supplied Iraq with the Supergun. Far superior to the Scud Missile, this unique weapon was capable of firing a chemical or nuclear warhead 2,000 kilometres with pin-point accuracy and colossal impact. Dr Bull, a brilliant inventor, obtained the plans of Germany's wartime "Big Bertha" from the Krupps munitions factory and perfected this "Supergun".

British customs intercepted and impounded certain vital parts at Heathrow airport. Dr Bull received a further $20,000 on 22nd March 1989 to supply replacements, but on returning to his flat in Brussels was shot dead outside his door by the Mossad Agents. Saddam Hussein never forgets or forgives.

(3) Duplicate the Glory, Power and extent of the empire of King Nebuchadnezzar who ruled in the 6th Century B.C. as King of Babylon and Assyria. Hussein so admired him as his hero that he had his own birth certificate altered to prove direct descent. His propaganda portrays him as the modern King of Babylon (See Babylon Festival poster). At enormous expense and effort he has rebuilt the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon to its former pattern and glory.

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Foretelling the Future

Nebuchadnezzar was indeed the King over a mighty empire. The most important and wisest of his subjects was a man by the name of Daniel. The King appointed him as his chief minister and adviser, and made him chief ruler over the whole empire (Daniel 2:48).

Daniel, however, was also a prophet of God. He foretold accurately and graphically not only the future course of the Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar; but the rise and fall of the various empires that would succeed him (Daniel 2:31-40).

This is now factual history. His amazing predictions have been precisely and minutely fulfilled.

With similar prophetic accuracy Daniel concentrates on contemporary events. Along with Habakkuk (2), and the phenomenally parallel prophecy of Isaiah (10 & 11) he documents that the Middle East will again experience a resurgence of world power. They concur regarding a latter day Assyrian who at the “Appointed time” will harness the long suppressed frustrations of the Arabic ideals. He will unite the conflicting factions of Islam and dominate the entire world. These events will unfold in greater detail in subsequent chapters.

The current endeavours of Saddam Hussein is merely an adumbration of what the Bible predicts will shortly come to pass.
The relentless Kurdish persecution is a further reflection of Hussein's fixation with his national history, and the lessons to be learned. It was not until the 7th Century when they became Sunni Moslems that they adopted the name of Kurds. Previously in the time of Nebuchadnezzar they were known as Medes.

Daniel (5:30) succinctly expresses the event that concerns Hussein the current self-styled "King of Babylon"

“That night the King of Babylon was slain; and Darius the Mede took the Kingdom."

Will history repeat itself?

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Chapter Two


Relentlessly, day after day, the Israeli forces rained destruction on Beirut in their determined drive to crush the P.L.O. and expel the Syrian armies from Lebanon. Waves of Phantom Jets screamed in with precision bombing on preselected targets. Warships bombarded the entire length of the city's coastline; and the army was poised to advance for the final thrust. A vantage point was vital with a clear field of fire down the long broad Corniche Mazraa Boulevard, the key axis to the heart of the city.

There was only one suitable building - the Soviet Embassy compound. The Israeli did not hesitate. Two armoured carriers rammed through the gates: the army stormed in and took control for several critical days. It was immaterial to the high command that this was Soviet Territory. It mattered not that they had violated international law. Even the U.S.A. or any other powerful nation would have been extremely apprehensive of such an action.

Israel - a Contemporary Phenomenon

Here was demonstrated impressive evidence that Israel was now a nation with power, authority and complete confidence in itself. Just a few decades ago, consider, they were a race scattered throughout the world; existing for centuries under the constant threat of persecution and death. They had no national identity.

More sensational and inspiring, however, it exhibited dramatic confirmation of the great prophecies of Scripture. Men like Isaiah, Amos Ezekiel and Daniel described in minute detail Israel's restoration not only to their land; but as a national entity with jurisdiction.

Prophetic Destiny

Ezekiel specifically recorded the program predetermined by God to clear the land; and to motivate the hearts of His People in every country of the world to migrate to a country they had never seen. (34 through 37)

During the granting of independence to Papua New Guinea, I had to execute and register some constitutional documents with the legal Department of the Government in Port Moresby. At the conclusion of our negotiations the officer mentioned his imminent departure. He was going home. Not to his home-town to Australia, but home to Israel. He did not know why, as He had never been there before. A strange but irresistible compulsion: God's time had arrived.

Second time around

Perhaps the most astounding prediction to the contemporaries of Isaiah his bold affirmation;-

"In the end-time God would deliver Israel for the second time: from the four corners of the earth" (11:11-12)

An audacious declaration indeed to a people still in their first captivity foretold to last for seventy years. Historians record their amazing freedom granted at the culmination of that specific time-span.

Just as surely at the "appointed time" the Lord guaranteed to restore Israel - the second time - in preparation for His appearance in Glory (Psalm 102:13 - 16). This re-establishment progressed from a two thousand year dream to a substantiated reality on the 14th May 1948 when David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the State of Israel by the Declaration of Independence.

The prophetic countdown to Armageddon has commenced.

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How to Travel?

Viewing forward through the Centuries Isaiah (60:8-9) envisaged and documented the two-fold mode of their return:-The ships of Tarshish, i.e. Britain, first bringing your sons from afar-
British history verifies that their ships were indeed the first so to do. A literal and accurate fulfilment.
More miraculous and spectacular was the phenomenal achieving of the latter section of his vision:-

"They fly like clouds to their nests"

(Under the code name "Operation Solomon", recently (June 1991) Israel completed a lightning mass evacuation of 15,000 Ethiopian Jews in a stunning 22 hour airlift. The complex operation was implemented with meticulous timing and precision. The Israeli airforce augmented by a fleet of Jumbo Jets provided a massive air-convoy of 40 flights from Addis Ababa. They flew like clouds to an airfield in their new homeland.

This great influx of immigrants to Palestine precipitated an explosive crisis and outcry among the surrounding Arab countries.)

They took counsel together with one accord to destroy Israel from being a nation. For the first time in history these countries forgot their differences. They formed a confederacy to declare a "Jehud" -a Holy War to wipe even the name of Israel from remembrance. These actual words were frequently broadcast over Radio Cairo: and published in world newspapers. Unknowingly they were practically quoting directly from a prophecy given 25 centuries ago. (Psalm 83). Even the participants were accurately delineated - under their ancient names;-


Edom, Moab, Ammon........Jordan
Hagarenes, Amalek, Philistines......Egypt
Gebal, Tyre...............Lebanon
Assyria...................Syria, Iraq

These nations - no more and no less than predicted - deployed their forces in a massive scale of armoured might. Israel was attacked on all sides, yet emerged victorious (See Map: Arab - Israeli Conflict). Its borders were enlarged as far south as the Negev, a very barren arid desert.

The Desert Transformed

Israel soon embarked on a program of reclamation and soil improve¬ment. A few years ago, passing through the Heathrow airport, London I was arrested and intrigued by a wonderfully strong fragrance. It emanated from a consignment of packaged fresh roses specifically identified as "Produce of Negev, Israel". The words of the prophet Isaiah came to remembrance with a new and real meaning: -

"When Israel shall posses the land.... the desert shall blossom like the rose." - Isaiah 34: 17 - 35:1.

Even the land has been changed. They laid a long system of canals to water the barren places. However, as fast as constructed, the Syrians bombarded and wrecked the scheme. Israel, not to be foiled, placed massive pumping stations inside a mountain. Water was drawn from the Sea of Galilee and flowed underground for 350 kilometres. The Negev desert was transformed and blossomed as the rose. It now produces, in addition, oranges, avocados and sugar beet.

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The Third Temple - Where?

To be categorically exact regarding Israel's function as the "Catalyst for the Countdown", one further event was specified as a prerequisite. This was the temple with its inner sanctum, The Holy Place"; according to the signs predicted by Jesus (Matt 24:15) and Paul (2 Thess 2:4). Many commentators have relegated this to the obscure future, because they consider the temple has to be constructed on Mount Moriah, the site of Herod's temple. The insurmountable object of course, is that the Dome of the Rock, the second most holy place of Islam, already occupies that position.

This is an entirely false premise, however, that has created confusion. The Temple built by Solomon, the Temple frequented by Jesus and His Disciples were both built on Mount Moriah. Ezekiel predicts that another will be constructed on the same place after Jesus returns in Glory. Every reference to all three Temples on this site was a translation of the Greek Word "Hieron". Any "Temple" erected elsewhere was invariably from the Greek word "Naos". This word is frequently rendered "Meeting Place", "Dwelling" or "Synagogue". It is the later word "Naos" that is used by Paul (2 Thess 2:4) in reference to the Temple used by contemporary Israel. It has absolutely no connection exegetically with the site on Mt. Moriah. In fact there is no prerequisite for it to be built there. To the contrary, in line with Greek usage, it must be constructed elsewhere.

The Embassy of Israel advises that on August 1982, in the Presence of the Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, Members of Cabinet and many other notables, the Jerusalem great Synagogue was dedicated. It is situated in King George Street, and is constructed from the same local stone as was Solomon's Temple. The central feature is a high tower containing five magnificent stained-glass windows, topped by two tablets of stone, bearing the Ten Commandments. The Temple referred to by Paul is built!
In the interior, marble has been used extensively, especially for the Ark situated beneath the stained-glass windows. This I believe is the Holy Place which will be desecrated by the "Abomination of Desolation" referred to by Jesus (Matthew 24:15)

The countdown is well on the way.

The Terminal Generation

Jesus unequivocally indicated His endorsement of the prophecies concerning the nation of Israel. He described in metaphoric language and a Historical Symbol that was clearly and readily understood by His contemporaries. Israel as a national identity would be dissolved and the people scattered among the nations like a withered fig tree. (Matthew 13:6-9)
However, just as the fig tree puts forth new leaves before summer, so Israel would become a new nation, in the time-slot immediately prior to His return in Glory (Matthew 24:30-34) Jesus enunciated emphatically that this would be the terminal generation (Matthew 23:34).

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Chapter Three


“Coming in on the beam” was an expression used by Airforce Pilots several decades ago. By `Tuning in` on a predetermined wavelength we were able to set our course & maintain our track to our destination. It was of vital importance at night in heavily overcast conditions when all familiar landmarks were invisible. Periodically “beacons” along our flight path. By varied & specified signals, indicated clearly our relative position on track; the time to lower undercarriage to commence our descent, & the moment to throttle back for `touch down.`

The world today is `on track` for its ultimate destination – Armageddon. As outlined previously, the countdown has already commenced. There is no turning back. God has established `beacons` in a chronological sequence of events, predicted by His prophets, which will progressively have their effect on the whole world.

Israel provided a `beacon` to the whole world as the Catalyst for the commencement of the `Terminal Generation.`

International Confederacies

Equally astounding & indisputably precise in fulfilment is the simultaneous international re-alignment of nations into confederacies with pre-ordained spheres of political power. The emergence of these power-blocs was accurately predicted by the prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah & Zechariah centuries ago.
Jesus extended His metaphor relative to Israel`s rebirth, & expanded His primary application to include the establishment of other nations in the same era. (Luke 21: 29) Each would be vitally involved with Israel as another sign or `beacon` coordinating their connection with the `Appointed time.` (Ps. 102: 12 – 18)

Four Endtime Power-Blocs

Daniel (7) combines & crystalises the predictions of the other prophets, & delineates four distinct confederacies. He states emphatically & unequivocally that they shall arise in the specific time-slot just prior to the coming of the Lord in power & glory. This is important. They will emerge in a precise chronological order as super-powers & continue contemporaneously until their final destruction at the great battle of Armageddon.

Daniel depicts them graphically & emblematically in language that was readily understood by the people of his day. Nations were identified & recognised by their individual & consistent emblem. This was, of course, not just restricted to that day. The use of distinguishing insignia has been perpetuated subsequently in the shields & heraldic devices of medieval knights & currently in national banners & flags.

Since these super-powers operate during the terminal generation, we must assess the evidential descriptions in relation to the contemporary world situation. The chronological order of appearance is of significant relevance.

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The Lion in Daniel

Daniel recorded: `The first was like a lion & had wings like an eagle.` (Dan. 7:4)

O.Neubecker, Director of the `International Academy of heraldry,` & the foremost authority in this field, explains –

`The appearance of a lion as a heraldic beast by no means indicates that it forms part of the native fauna of that country; its use comes from the significance attributed to it. The lion is the symbol of Royal Sovereignty & the eagle the symbol of Imperial Power.`

In combination we have the initial clue to the identity of this first contemporary super-power to emerge. A sovereign Monarchy which exercised imperialistic power over a substantial area of the world. i.e. A empire ruled by a monarch.

Further revelation was given to Daniel

`As I looked its wings were plucked off.` (Dan. 7: 4)

There is a fascinating double reference in this –

a) The empire lost its capacity for imperialistic expansion.
b) Part of the empire became a separate nation with the eagle as its emblem.

`It was made to stand on two feet like a man; & the spirit of man was given to it.` (Dan.7: 4)

Here is transformation. Until now the outlook & operation had been that of a powerful beast, imperialistically conquering, dominating & colonising. Suddenly there is a remarkable change to the higher qualities of the spirit of man. In political language, co-existing in freedom, peace & equality with its former dominions. An empire becomes a Commonwealth of Nations.

Ezekiel, a contemporary of Daniel. confirms & elucidates the concept: -

`The merchants of Tarshish with its young lions.` (Ez. 38: 13)

Tarshish, as has been previously intimated, is universally accepted by scholars as referring to Great Britain. Young lions, offspring of the mother-lion are separate entities, yet when circumstances warrant, they join with her. In modern parlance, nations colonised from the imperialistic monarchy, i.e. Great Britain, now completely autonomous yet cooperating uniquely in common purpose as the British Commonwealth of Nations.

This has been exemplified particularly in all the wars this century. The Bible predicts that this will be the situation again in World war 3. See illustration - `The Empire needs men.` (recuiting poster – World War 2)

(Poster - `The Empire needs Men.` (Heading) with a picture of a lion & young lions. Underneath is written - `Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand. All answer the call. Helped by the young lions the old lion defies his foes.`)

O. Neubecker, Director of the International Academy of heraldry, corroborates: -

`The Lion, as a formal coat of arms, was derived from the arms of England & Scotland.`

H.M. Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth, broadcasted –

`The Commonwealth bears no resemblance to the empires of the past. It is an entirely new conception built on the highest qualities of the Spirit of Man: Friendship, loyalty & the desire for freedom & peace.`

I submit that this first super-power to emerge was the Great British Empire, currently, of course the British Commonwealth of Nations. The American Eagle, who also originally came from the mother lion will continue to be a dominant & integral part of this powerful confederacy.

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Chapter Four


Who could possibly have foretold such a cataclysmic transformation in Eastern Europe? Who would dare have predicted that the nations of the Warsaw Pact would have so rapidly and forcefully repudiated Soviet dominance, or that East Germany would punch a hole in the Berlin Wall?

Incredibly it became an established fact at the commencement of this decade. It was a direct result of the Implementation of Gorbachev's doctrine of "Perestroika" I.e. restructuring.
Incomparably more radical and of notably greater impact were subsequent phenomenal developments. Who could conceivably have prophesied the "Second Russian Revolution"; the week that rocked the world? Who could have forecast the subsequent severance of individual Soviet Republics? The monolithic Soviet conglomerate of post-war decades has dramatically fragmented into an accumulation of nations and republics.

This phenomenal occurrence was actually predicted by the prophet Ezekiel twenty-five centuries ago.


While Ezekiel saw the U.S.S.R. in its later development, Daniel foretold its emergence as a super-power. One who "made for itself one dominion".

"The second beast like to a bear ... to devour much flesh".

Without controversy and well documented, the bear is the national symbol of the Soviets. It was not by accident that this was the emblem chosen for the Moscow Olympics. A friendly and lovable little bear to be sure. Daniel, however, records it as a ferocious beast devouring much flesh. (See illustrations, Olympic Bear and other.)

Chronologically the U.S.S.R. was the second super-power to arise in current end-time contention. It fits perfectly with the second confederacy of Daniel's vision. It certainly "devoured" country after country, incorporating them into one monolithic dominion - behind the iron curtain.

[Updated on: Sun, 02 March 2014 02:29]

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The Soviet Bear

Frequently God gives revelation of the future through one of His prophets, then confirms, augments or continues the prediction through another.

Ezekiel (38 & 39) enlarges our concept as He contemplates a mighty confederacy of independent nations. He specifies their geographical position relative to the nation of Israel. On three occasions He locates them in the "uttermost or extreme parts of the North: (38:6 & 15; 39:2). There is only one super-power that occupies this positions - the U.S.S.R

The same time-slot is indicated by the context predicated on a definite chronological sequence of events in the preceding chapters detailing the final contemporary restoration of Israel. Confirmation is also indicated by the repetition of the terms "last days" (38:8 & 16). This term has been previously noted as the time of the Terminal Generation".

The Russian Confederacy

The prediction now is not of a single monolithic entity. but a powerful confederacy of nations retaining the same philosophy and militaristic ambitions. Ezekiel enumerates these nations, delineating them by their ethnic origins. Professors of Etymology, such as Dr.Gesenius, Josephus and others have investigated the identity of these peoples, beginning with the ancient patriarchs of Genesis 10. Their migrations have been methodically traced through ancient records and archaeological discoveries to the present day. The Encyclopedia Britannica is also a source of confirmation.

The final areas of settlement, development and population growth have been established as primarily the Russian Republic. Located in an area stretching 5,500 miles, including Moscow, it embraces nearly two-thirds of the Soviet Peoples. Obviously It Is the dominant force in the U.S.S.R. Allied with Russia, but as separate entitles are the Slovac countries of Eastern Europe; together with the various Republics along Russia's southern border. (See Map - Soviet Disintegration over the page)
Perestroika has "restructured" the unilateral autocratic control by the bear, into a confederacy precisely as predicted by Ezekiel.

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Conflict in Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia is currently experiencing the trauma of this process. It will eventually divide itself into its basic ethnic factions - Slavic and Moslem. Tragically this is developing rapidly as predicted above. Dated August 1992, the leading international human rights group has complied a dossier from sources in Yugoslavia. Documented evidence of systematic and shocking atrocities under a policy of "Ethnic Cleansing" draws comparisons with World War 2 Nazi concentration camps. This brutal policy has spread from Bosnia -Herzegovina over Montenegro, Macedonia and other areas of Yugoslavia.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Free elections have been held in all the Slavic countries of Eastern Europe. They have been monitored by a team of 550 international observers from Western Europe and U.S.A.
Time magazine reports that they were astounded by the result. In each case the party which gained overwhelming "landslide" control, had, until recently, been members of the communist party. They had merely changed their name. All were aware the Soviet "stage-managing" had been very effective.

In the Athenee Palace Hotel in Bucharest, where the walls and furniture are still riddled with bullet holes, a page of the visitors book is missing. This missing page is the key to all the Soviet manipulations in Europe; and the evidence of their involvement. Investigations proved that the page had listed the names of K.G.B. agents who had stayed in the hotel on false passports. The same agents had been active at similar critical times in all the Slovac countries. Under cover of organizing protests and inciting violence, they arranged cosmetic symbolic changes in government and leaders. They substituted chameleon figureheads. The Soviet `Stage-managing` proved extremely effectual; and has never been denied. The Soviet army has almost gone; Communism is dead and each country is independent. However, they still retain the same philosophy, ideology and militaristic ambitions.

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Arms Control

Nine years of painstaking negotiations culminated recently (August 1991) in the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow in a U.S.A. - Soviet plan to end the super-powers arms race. The treaty calls for a thirty-percent reduction in the level of their respective arsenals over a seven year period.

Even after these provisions are implemented the two countries will still have the capability of annihilating each other in less than one hour. The nuclear weapons which will be `taken out` are already obsolete, as delineated below.

Doomsday Strategy

Codenamed "Doomsday Strategy", America has completely revised their defence/strike policy with a dramatic new technique. Prior to the Gulf War the Operational Control Centres were located in enormous networks of underground reinforced concrete bunkers mainly in Wyoming and Colorado. These have been rendered ineffectual by the advanced technology incorporated in the latest American `Smart bomb G.B.U.28.` Laser guided, it is capable of penetrating and `burrowing` Into the deepest and strongest underground fortresses.

It is now known that Saddam Hussien's Impregnable Number One-command complex was hit numerous times with conventional high explosive bombs. Each time it emerged undamaged. However, to his expressed amazement and chagrin the G.U.B.28 Smart bomb penetrated its massive hardened concrete reinforced walls and exploded inside his underground bunker.

America's `Doomsday strategy` has been implemented to counter any similar Soviet weapon. Jumbo jet planes have been fitted out as operational Command Centres, completely equipped with the latest sophisticated electronics. There is always at least one on immediate readiness.

Accompanying the President at all times, is a high ranking officer carrying a black box (See Illustration on next page). This is the electronic link to alert the Operational Command Centre for action in any international emergency. Always at close proximity to the President there is a helicopter to ferry him, his aides and his military advisers to the nearest Jumbo Jet command centre. There they can remain airborne indefinitely, enabling safe and efficient control of national defence and reprisal.

One complicating factor in American defence calculations is the consideration of who controls the Soviet nuclear arsenal subsequent to the collapsed bungled coup. Whose finger is on the button?

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Chapter Five


Communist Counter Coup

The week in August 1991 that rocked the world evidenced the most decisive events in Soviet history since the first Russian Revolution 74 years ago. Suddenly the absolute fragility of world peace in the post-cold-war period was dramatically demonstrated. One of the most chilling aspects of the coup was that for 76 hours the "Black Box" was in the hands of the Junta. This contained the top-secret nuclear codes for launching the Soviet missiles, by remote control. There was perceived danger of nuclear blackmail, or irrational behaviour. Inexperienced and apprehensive fingers were on the trigger.

The coup revealed the weakness of all endeavours to formulate a "New World Order", and exposed the vacillating self-interests of the leaders of the European nations.

The Soviet Union and the Communist Party will never be the same again. What commenced with a victorious coup in 1917 terminated ignominiously with one that incomprehensibly blundered into chagrin.

The Doctrine of Perestoika promulgated by President Gorbachev has dramatically restructured the nations of Eastern Europe. A complete and miraculous fulfilment of the predictions of Ezekiel. However, the U.S.S.R. still retained its monolithic structure intact.

Change there, required more stringent measures and more dramatic confrontation.

Moscow analysts reported:-

"After six years in office Mikhail Gorbachev was a brilliant failure. He was a masterful diplomat and tactician abroad, but his foreign triumphs rarely translated into domestic success".
British intelligence agents discovered a plot by hard-line communists of his own self-appointed apparatchiks. They planned to seize power in a coup d'etat. Gorbachev was warned accordingly. His wife Raisa, in her book, "I hope" predicted a fierce battle with the same opponents. He refused to give credence, or take preventative action.

He had a sudden awakening to stern reality. At 4.50 p.m. on August 18th 1991 he discovered that, as far as he was concerned, the anti-constitutional coup was a fait accompli. The K.G.B. surrounded his holiday dacha and held him and his family securely captive. An eight man committee of hard-line communists, K.G.B. and military leaders had seized power in his absence.

The following day, at noon, a formidable force of paratroopers and tanks of the elite guards division was despatched to kidnap or assassinate the Russian President, Boris Yeltsin . The column of T.72s approached the steps of the "White House", the marble-clad seat of the Russian Parliament.

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Russia Take Control - Ezekiel 38:3

The man who stopped the advance was an unlikely hero. Aged 39 and wasted by terminal cancer, he lay down in front of the lead tank, and halted the entire column. The Russian President, Boris Yeltsin seized the opportunity, climbed on the immobilised tank turret and challenged the troops and the massing crowd. He assumed command and denounced the coup. It was the psychological moment. It was the turning point. The elite troops changed sides. They became part of the barricade with thousands of ordinary citizens who surrounded the parliament building. The course of history was changed.

The Cabal who perpetrated the revolution panicked, the coup had failed through their drunkenness and incompetence. A few committed suicide and the rest were imprisoned awaiting sentence for treason. They face possible death sentences.

Soviet expert, Alex Pravda states in Time Magazine:-

"Gorbachev is back In the Kremlin as Soviet President, but that office is shrinking to being a figurehead. The balance of power is already clear. Russian President Yeltsin is the senior partner in a union of Sovereign States. While senior officials in all republics waited, Yeltsin acted. It was his heroic defiance that rallied the public and thwarted the coup."

At the subsequent meeting of the Soviet Congress, Mr.Gorbachev and Mr.Yeltsin, in a pre-emptive strike presented a plan which dramatically reshaped the country. Basically it was an accord on a "Union of Sovereign states".

Russia now stands at a unique and unprecedented place in its evolution - in line with end-time prophecy.

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To recapitulate

Perestroika and the coup d'etat were the catalysts to provide a phenomenal and precise fulfilment in 1991 of a prophecy of 25 centuries ago by Ezekiel (38) - A very significant "Beacon" on track for World War 3:-

(a) The monolithic Soviet Bear has disintegrated.
(b) The President of Russia has, ipso facto, taken control.
(c) The Slavic nations, once behind the "Iron Curtain" have gained independence but retain the same philosophy and ambitions.
(d) The erstwhile republics of the U.S.S.R. have become Sovereign States in full cooperation with Russia, now known as C.I.S. (Commonwealth of Independent States)

Take a Spoil and a Prey - Ezekiel 38:12

Time Magazine reports on the "Disastrous Economy"

"Even if Yeltsin and Gorbachev learn to work well together they confront enormous tasks. The problems that preceded the coup - economic decline, government deadlock, systematic decay - are still there. Prices have risen dramatically, and the distribution system has broken down completely. The defence budget is rising".

The republics face a crisis previously unknown in European history. They have a phenomenal task to repair the disastrous economic damage of seven decades of grossly inefficient state-owned monopolies. Food stocks are the lowest for decades. Three hundred million people are starving. They face a desperate fight for survival this winter. With the demise of the communist party another 15 million will be unemployed. Only one percent of Soviet military factories have diversified to civilian production.

Western economic experts estimate that the massive government printing of money has produced an inflation rate that could reach one thousand percent by the end of this year. The sheer immensity of this spiralling Russian economy would make Western and Japanese aid, however immense, appear minuscule by comparison. It would even fall short of making up Moscow's foreign exchange deficit.

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Newsweek comments on "After the Party"

"If the Government makes the supply crisis worse, there is a very real threat of chaos. This could goad the K.G.B. and the army into truly effective action. They still have enormous firepower. For all its economic and political weaknesses the Soviet continues to maintain a 3 1/2 million military machine".

For what purpose?

The classic formula, to divert attention from such disastrous economic policies - and probably the sole remaining option - is to utilize this massive armed force, together with their allies, to invade unsuspecting countries to "Take a Spoil and a Prey"

World War 3

Ezekiel predicts that Russia will mount a massive military attack in the Middle East.

"President of Russia ... prepare yourself and all the companies that are assembled about you; and you be a commander for them ... you will think an evil thought, you will go into the Land of Israel, to take a spoil and a prey (Ezekiel 38:3-12)".

Bible predictions are very meticulous and accurate. It is not the Soviet Dictator i.e. Gorbachev; but the President of the Russian Republic who is to assume command. Boris Yeltsin has appointed himself Commander in Chief of all the armed forces.

The Prophet Joel (2:1-20) also foretells this invasion. In terms meaningful to his contemporary audience, he graphically describes all the modern implements of a mechanised army in action. He depicts tanks, armoured carriers, guns, flame throwers and masses of planes.

Russia claims to want peace. However, it is of interest to note that the Russian word for "Peace" is "MEER". The same word means "The World". When they claim to want peace, are they in fact wanting the world? Russia's policy has always been world dominion. This is the core of their "New World Order"

The strategic advantage of involvement in the Middle East, and the economic wealth accruing from controlling the world distribution of crude oil has been a Soviet prime objective for years.

This was exposed by the Israeli army in 1982.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the State of Israel reports, inter alia:-

"During the operation "Peace for Galilee", as the Israeli forces advanced through Lebanon in July 1982, they made an amazing discovery. Around the Village of Saida, the largest secret military base in the world was uncovered. It consisted of miles of steel reinforced bunkers tunnelled out of the hillside. Inside was crammed massive quantities of Soviet made arms and ammunition. It exceeded by far the highest previous intelligence estimates. I.D.F. units gathered 4170 tons (some 1,500 truckloads) of ammunition; hundreds of combat-vehicles; tanks and armoured carriers; thousands of weapons, artillery and rocket launchers, plus other sophisticated devices (See Weapons illustration). These arms and stores were far in excess of P.L.O. requirements. Secret documents and maps found in the Command Post clearly revealed that the Soviets planned invasion of the Middle East on the 4th August 1982. The I.D.F. averted this Soviet invasion by just a few weeks"

However, there is an appointed time predicted. Russia will certainly invade the Middle East. World War 3 will have commenced.

Time-slot for the Invasion

Daniel provides an indication of the time-slot in his vision:-

"When the Bear starts its move ... it has three ribs in its mouth". (Daniel 7:5)

Metaphorically this represents 3 nations who have not previously been incorporated within the Bear i.e. The Iron Curtain. These now join this move into the Middle East.
Ezekiel, in his predicted military confederacy, records exactly three such countries. They precisely conform to the prerequisites.

"Persia (Iran), Ethiopia and Libya" (Ezekiel 38:5)

Watch these countries:

Russia's Defeat

Challenging Russia is an Allied Army.

"Sheba and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish with all the young lions" (Ezekiel 38:13)

As elucidated in the previous chapter, this is a composite Allied force from Britain, America and other Commonwealth nations. They cooperate together against aggression, just as they have in previous world wars - Sheba and Dedan are the ancient names of those nomadic peoples who now populate the countries of Arabia.

It is important to note that the European nations are conspicuous by their absence. They were also notably reticent to voice opposition to the anti-constitutional coup by the Communist hard-liners in Moscow.

At this juncture God intervenes directly in contemporary history. He invokes the elements in a series of judgmental catastrophes which completely annihilates the Russian Army. Seven months will be occupied in just burying the dead. (Ezekiel 38:18-23)

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Chapter Six


In chronological sequence the third confederacy which emerged on the contemporary world scene was actually the European Common Market Bloc. It eventuated precisely according to God's timing and purpose.

The nations today consider that they control their own affairs; that they are the sole arbiter of their destiny. There is, however, a higher authority controlling the world systems and shaping the nations according to His Divine Will. No empire has ever been established on earth without the sanction and authority of God.

John records a visible expression of this principle in operation frequently referred to as the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (Revelation 6:1-8). Much conjecture and many theories have been promulgated regarding this subject.

The Bible always provides the interpretation. Zechariah similarly experienced a corresponding vision. Completely intrigued, He enquired the implication of what he saw. God explicitly and succinctly revealed the Divine Purpose:-

`These are the four spirits of the heavens which go forth from the Lord and operate in the realm of the predominant ruling powers of the world.` (Zechariah 6:1-8)

Once God has established a precedent and has specifically designated its meaning, by the principle of first mention, it becomes the rule thereafter. The "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" are thus the earthly images of the "Four Spirits of the Heavens". In this specific instance they bring into existence the four successive power-blocs of the last days.
It presents an extremely significant parallel to Daniel's vision both as to time-slot and content. In fact Daniel prefaces his prediction of the end-time confederacies: -

"The four Spirits (winds-same Hebrew word) of the Heavens Strove on the Mediterranean Sea" (Daniel 7:2)

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Comparing the visions of Daniel and John the similarity is significantly obvious and conclusive.


1. White Horse
Only one crowned – Monarchy
Conquering to conquer - Imperialistic

2. Red Horse
Take away peace
Given an executioners sword

3. Black Horse
Pair of Balances (Scales) Measurement of produce
- denoting a market economy

By Comparison Daniel 7: 4 - 6

1. Lion - Britain Monarchy Imperialistic

2. Bear - Soviet Communists Red - Red Flag - Red Army
History of wars, confrontations and Invasions.
K.G.B. executions in prisons and concentration camps -estimated at 40 million people.

3. Leopard - Europe Economic Market

The fourth super-power will be presented in a subsequent chapter.

Zechariah (5:5-11) outlined in Hebrew idiom and metaphor the rise of such a commercial enterprise. Eventually he predicted it will transfer its central authority and operation to a headquarters prepared specially in the Middle East.

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Daniel again gives additional information in his predictive vision:-

"I saw another like a leopard ... and the beast had four heads" (Daniel 7:6)

Julian Franklin, an expert in his field explains in his book "Heraldry":-

"French heralds were the first to display Leopards as an insignia"

Robert Gayre who has also thoroughly researched and documented this subject in his book "Nature of Arms"

"Knights of France had three leopards inscribed on their shields"

"Charlemange the first Emperor of All Europe, under the banner of three leopards, withstood the onslaught of the mighty armies of Islam"

"During the crusades the Franks (i.e. All European Army) used the insignia of three leopards on their banners and shields." (See illustration - Crusades.)

Obviously the heraldic use of "The Leopard" had direct European connotation.

Multiplicity of Government

The four heads on this beast denote a multiplicity of authority or government who have united in common purpose. It is of importance that Daniel visualised this beast in its initial presentation. Six countries of Europe agreed to a commercial unity of purpose in a common market. However, at the time of inauguration, three of these countries, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg combined their representation and voting, into one affiliated entity called the "Benelux". Thus the European Common Market commenced with exactly four authorities or "Heads", France, Germany, Italy, and Benelux. This was precisely as predicted.

Compositely all evidence undeniably links this third confederacy to the European Common Market.

Authority in Action

"Dominion was given to it" (Daniel 7:6)

How meticulous and precise the prediction of Daniel. Each of the foundation member countries of the European Common Market was defeated and powerless at the conclusion of World War 2. Authority as independent nations was granted by favour of the Allies, i.e. "Dominion was given to it"

Little has changed. During the recent dramatic coup in the Soviet; French President Mitterand and German Chancellor Kohl both sought to avoid a direct confrontation with the coup leaders. Britain's Prime Minister John Major stood alone in a condemnation. The European Defence Identity played no part in the week's events. In the end, America, firmly backed by Britain seized the leading role.

This will be the situation in World War 3.

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Chapter Seven


The guided Missile Frigate "H.MAS. SYDNEY" again left Australian shores to spend their second successive Christmas (1991) in the Persian Gulf and Red Sea area. They joined all the Allied ships enforcing United Nations Sanctions in the Middle East.
In spite of current world attention and media coverage being focused continuously and exclusively on the phenomenal metamorphosis in Russia, and/or its former satellite countries; the Middle East is scheduled prophetically, politically and economically to recapture the cynosure of international observation.

The quotation of Bernard Lewis, the American Historian of, and acknowledged authority on. Islamic affairs is worthy of repetition here:-

"The Gulf war was a signal that the end of the cold war does not mean the beginning of peace, but the beginning of a new form of war - a war being waged by Moslem Fundamentalists - against the West."

Like a stone thrown into a pond and causing ripples, the Gulf War will make a decisive impact throughout the Middle East and beyond. The resulting effect will create a new alignment of nations previously considered of second-class status. This will cause a remarkable shift in the balance of power. It will forge a confederation of infinite prophetical significance, precisely foretold twenty-five centuries ago.

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The Nondescript Beast

This fourth beast so arrested and impressed Daniel that he devoted more detail to it, than all the previous creatures put together.

"A fourth beast terrifying and frightening and very powerful. It had great iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled underfoot whatever was left." (Daniel 7:7)

There was no resemblance, to this instance, to any specific emblematic animal. It was completely diverse to all its predecessors. A ferocious formidable beast, it was absolutely awesome in its unmitigated ruthlessness, savage brutality, and universal power. What it could not assimilate, it absolutely crushed.

"It had ten horns" (Daniel 7:7)

Horns, in Biblical symbology, invariably denote political power, authority and dominion. Subsequently this is confirmed precisely and unambiguously:-

"The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom" (Daniel 7:24)

These kings are obviously contemporaneous and affiliated. They consolidate, control, and govern an immense confederacy of nations, strong and powerful, which conquers and subdues country after country. Eventually it dominates the whole world.

It is inconceivable not to be impressed as to the exact equivalent here to the feet and the ten toes of the image seen by King Nebuchadnezzar (Daniel 2:41-44). Each represented a confederacy incorporated in the very last days of this age, and each governed simultaneously by a cabal of exactly ten kings. Obviously they are one and the same.

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World History in Imagery.

King Nebuchadnezzar had a vision of a characteristic eastern human figure standing erect on the plain of Babylon. Attention was particularly directed and focused on five distinctly defined separate metaphorical components (Daniel 2:31-35).

The interpretation thereof depicted the projected course of history in one broad sweep. It delineated and surveyed four kingdoms with world authority and power, that would succeed each other in strict chronological order from that specific time-slot until the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Secular history records a precise & complete fulfilment.

Focus on the Feet

The greatest emphasis and the most extensive description however was on the feet and toes of the image. This is the fifth power which was predicted to hold world dominion in the time-slot when God terminates the world systems. In effect Daniel was specifically directed to minutely focus on the feet and toes of the gigantic figure and to completely disregard the intervening two thousand years.

Priority Middle East

Focus on the Feet:-

"There stood before you a large statue" (Daniel 2:31)
It is obvious that the whole image was standing on these feet in the immediate vicinity of King Nebuchadnezzar. Elementary and necessary of course - yet of immense importance. The feet were thus firmly centred in the Middle East i.e. before the King in Babylon In fact the centre of gravity for each of the delineated sections of the image was directly over the same place. A significant metaphoric illustration which indicated that, as with each of its predecessors the centre of authority of this final confederacy, must be located in' and operate from the Middle East. It is an established and undeniable fact that, right from the time of the demise of the Roman Empire the Middle East has been the focal political and religious centre of the Moslem World.

The prophetic calendar has been programmed for centuries The Middle East has returned to the centre of the international stage in the precise time-slot predicted.
Increasing tensions and recent developments in that area have made it conspicuously obvious that the world finds itself confronting the consequences of the global march of Islam. The most sadistic and formidable confederacy ever encountered, is emerging from the obscurity, frustration and economic deprivation of centuries. Their complete ruthlessness has been shockingly and vividly demonstrated recently by the Saddam Hussein regime; and earlier by the Revolutionary Government of Iran.

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Islamic Fundamentalism

The "Wall Street Journal" in the timely article reported:-

"Islamic Fundamentalism stretches from Morocco to Indonesia and reaches far south into Black Africa. There are currently more than one billion followers of Islam. It has been the fastest growing force from the last decade. Every day, around the world, at least one thousand men and women perform the basic ceremony for admission to this resurgent movement. This is not confined to traditional Moslem areas, but in sophisticated western countries like Australia."

It is already the second largest religion in America, Europe and Australia.

According to documents obtained by "Newsweek": -
"The oil-rich Moslem republics of the former Soviet Union with a potential population of sixty million people have strongly indicated their desire to amalgamate with their Islamic brotherhood across their borders in the Middle East. The Western Nations have expressed grave concern that they might conceivably take their proportion of the Soviet Nuclear Arsenal with them. This would, at last, confront the world with the long-dreaded "Islamic Bomb"."

Inherent Division

Focus on the Feet -

"The feet and toes were partly of baked clay, and partly of iron, so this will be a divided kingdom" (Daniel 2:41)

Specifically this part of the image was of unique composition. It was a non-coherent mixture obviously subject to inherent division.

A remarkable prediction of the bitter historical and religious partition of the two great branches of Islam that has been in progress since the seventh century:-

Sunni Moslems - Traditional Fundamentalists.
Shi-ite Moslems - Revolutionary, Reactionary and Explosive.

The latter is proving the more dynamic, surging like a tempest, unpredictable, and In many cases, uncontrollable. It is inevitable that conflict occurs between the two incompatible factions on every occasion of contact. This has been evidenced In Lebanon; the Iraq-Iran war; the recent genocide in Iraq; and so on. This polarisation will continue to create tension and turmoil. It will Inhibit this confederacy realising its full potential. Eventually, however, a predicted paramount dictator will emerge from their midst. He will unite them into the Invincible ruthless super-power that will dominate the whole world. However, this great dictator merits a chapter to himself.

Final World Power

Focus on the Feet -

"Just as you saw the feet and toes ... in the time of those kings the God of Heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed" (Daniel 2:41-44)

As delineated previously, there is an amazing correspondence and coordination between the final kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar`s history-projecting image; and Daniel's fourth confederacy in his predicted alignment of super-powers: -

"The ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom ... then the sovereignty of the kingdom will be handed over to the saints of the Most High. His is an everlasting kingdom." (Daniel 7:24-27)

What is recorded for one is intended to apply precisely to the other. They are one and the same.

In summation and correlation, I believe, this fourth world superpower to be the emerging "Force of Islam", controlled by a "Cabal of Ten", and centred in the Middle East.

Time - Slot

These four world confederacies emerged consecutively consequent upon:-

"Striving around the Mediterranean Sea" (Daniel 7:2)

1. The British Empire came into being subsequent to the Napoleonic War - Nineteenth Century.

2. The Soviet emerged subsequent to World War 1.

3. The Common Market formed subsequent to World War 2.

4. The Force of Islam will only find its full expression subsequent to World War 3.

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Chapter Eight


From all over France they gathered In Paris, University Undergraduates and Tertiary students. In a broad column they swept through the Arc de Triomphe, down the Champs Elysees to the Place de La Concorde. Their leader stood on the step of the Obelisque and proclaimed the purpose of their demonstration -

"We are deeply disturbed regarding the future of the world. We are looking for a dynamic leader, "un Messie" (A Messiah). We have not found him at our Universities or at our Colleges. He is certainly not in our Parliament or our society. We do not care where he comes from, or what his political views are, as long as he takes control of the world. As long as he lifts us out of our economic morass, we will receive Him."

During the Presidential elections in America, it was amazing the opinions that were expressed to me around the country. The most Important issue that concerned the people was not party affiliation, new policies, or specious promises. Their prime consideration was a leader with "Charismatic" appeal. They wanted a "Messiah" who would restore America's prestige in the world - lost In Vietnam. (Incidentally, this self-respect was re-established by the overwhelming triumph In the Gulf War.)

Walter Cronkite the leading television personality and commentator in the U.S.A. broadcast "We live in a leaderless world, give us a Messiah-like figure that will lead indeed".

The appellation "Messiah" has even been applied frequently in our Australian political scene!

The Only Prospect for Survival

Many International leaders, intellectuals and economists express the opinion that a strong and powerful charismatic "Messiah - like" figure is the only effective prospect for the survival of the world system.

The Bible predicts that such indications would be symptomatic of the last days. In particular a dynamic powerful charismatic leader will assume rigid control - eventually over the whole world.

The spotlight of prophetic panorama advances from current fulfilment to future-mode developments. It dramatically highlights the drama of vital age-end significance. Inconspicuously, yet suddenly there flashes into world prominence the ultimate in omnipotent authority, the final supreme dictator. He will eventually dominate every country, politically, economically and commercially, by the scintillating power of his own brilliance, personality, and eventual ruthlessness.

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Where on Earth?

The Four Great Super-powers, so accurately predicted twenty-five hundred years ago, have now emerged in their exact chronological order and exact geographical location. They dramatically provide the supporting cast for this supreme dictator to take centre stage.

Daniel (7:24) identifies him as emerging initially somewhat insignificantly and inconspicuously in the vast territory encompassed by the Islamic Nations. The fourth World Super-Power (Q.V.) It occurs in a vital psychological moment in the evolution of their political and economic power.

By his superior intelligence, dynamic personality and forceful policies he exerts a phenomenal impact on the governing Cabal. These are the leaders of the Ten dominant Countries ruling the Confederacy. Three of these are immediately amalgamated and cede their sovereignty and territory to him. This provides an effective powerbase from which he eventually controls the whole 'Force of Islam'.

The Moslem Messiah

He consolidates and concentrates the wealth and power of the entire Moslem world; and conciliates the bitter controversy of centuries between the Sunni Moslem and the Shi-ite Moslem Factions. By this he enhances Islam to the position of immense dominion, authority and influence it exercised centuries ago. A confederacy which will shape dramatically the course of world events.

The Middle East today is looking for such a leader. They will acclaim him as the Messiah they have been anticipating, as promised in their writings.

North or South

The actual location from where this leader will make his initial appearance is not left to speculation or assumption. It has been predetermined precisely through the prophet Daniel (11). In this chapter was predicted the course of world history involving continual warfare between two great Empires, the legacy of Alexander the Great. The Seleucid dynasty identified as Assyria, the King of the North, and the Ptolomaic Dynasty, the King of the South, i.e. Egypt including Libya. Daniel (11:40) is finally directed to jump two thousand years until the "Time of the End". These two areas in the Middle East would again return to the focus of world attention. Each contending for key leadership of the Arab Countries, to be recognised as the Moslem Messiah.

Already we have witnessed Nasser of Egypt and Qaddafi of Libya striving for this position. God predicted they would fail, and fail they did. Daniel (11:35-43) foretells that eventually, at the "Appointed Time", the King of the North will prevail. Herein is established, beyond doubt or controversy, that the final leader of Islam, the Moslem Messiah, will unmistakably appear in the area of the ancient Assyrian Empire; The King of the North. In fact his nationality is specifically confirmed as "The Assyrian" by the prophets Isaiah (10:24 & 31:8) and Micah (5:5).

Ancient Assyria consisted of the present-day nations of Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Quite specifically, it is thus documented that, it is from this composite area that this leader will come. These are the three nations who will obviously consolidate in the foreseeable future as the power-base for the forceful Charismatic Leader of Islam.

Watch - Syria, Jordan and Iraq!

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Expanding Authority

In the normal course of events the influence and authority of any dictator is restricted to his immediate national sphere of supremacy. Only some cataclysmic international political, economic or military emergency can provide the opportunity for expansion. In this instance, the aftermath of World War 3 and the complete annihilation of the Russian Army (Q.V.) will create a political vacuum to be exploited. The great nations of the world will demand cessation of all conflict. Into this situation a seemingly benevolent leader will convince everyone that he has the solution for every international problem. As confirmation of his capabilities, he will cite the successful transformation of the previously volatile Middle East. Further, he will negotiate and conclude a seven year peace-treaty with the Nation of Israel. (Daniel 8:25 & 9:27)

Peace and Prosperity

The magnetic personality, superior wisdom and eloquent diplomacy, so articulately exhibited, will convince not only all national governments, but will enthral, excite and captivate people of every class and creed. He alone will have the answers to the catastrophic dilemmas being endured. Statesmen, intellectuals and economists unanimously acknowledge that finally there is available a dominant and powerful Charismatic Messiah with the potential ability to effect the survival of the whole world system.

The "New World Order" which has so Ineffectually been promulgated frequently by varying constitutional persuasions, now has the probability to become a reality.

Everyone will enthusiastically give their allegiance to his authority and propositions. The world-wide economic, political and social disasters will be miraculously solved. Utopia will have arrived. The world will be experiencing boom-times again.
"By peace and prosperity he will conquer many" (Daniel 8:25)

Sudden Tribulation

"When people are saying 'Peace and Safety', destruction will come on them suddenly" (1 Thess. 5:3)

In the midst of this new era, God intervenes. This is Divine Judgment on a sinful world. Devastation, plagues and pestilences sweep across every country. The great day of the wrath of God has arrived. A time when men will seek death and not find it. (Rev. 6:17 & 9:6)

It is vitally important to understand that all "Born again" Christians have previously been "caught up" to meet the Lord, to reign with Him in heaven (1 Thess. 4:15-17). They are definitely, conclusively and scripturally not subject to the wrath of God (1 Thess. 5:9 & Rev. 3¬10). This truth has been extensively covered in a separate chapter.

Consistently the prophets in the Bible have described this as a time of unmitigated calamity. One of the disasters predicted is specifically described as poisoning waters and causing widespread death. (Rev. 8:10-11) It is called "Wormwood". The Russian word for "Wormwood" is "Chernobyl".

Memories of the Chernobyl disaster on 26th April are still vivid. The number four nuclear reactor became critical then out of control. A massive explosion blew the building apart and spread a radio-active cloud over Europe. It poisoned the waters and brought death to many hundreds. Unknown millions still carry a potentially carcinogenic time-bomb in their bodies, a legacy of Chernobyl - "Wormwood".

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Coming events casting their shadow:

Alexander Borovoi, the leader of a group of scientists from Moscow reported in Time'

"Unless urgent action is taken to strengthen the nuclear reactor's protective shell, another "Chernobyl" is not just a theoretical possibility. We live in constant expectation of a further tragedy".


The brilliant and benevolent guidance and leadership that will be experienced by the world will be abruptly terminated after three and a half years. A remarkable series of crises and phenomenal events are predicted to occur virtually simultaneously.

Undoubtedly, by far the most cataclysmic episode will be the fatal slaying of their great dictator by one sweep of an assassin's sword. The world will be stunned. Governments will be in a quandary. He who everyone regarded as an invincible charismatic leader was dead. The one who alone had the practical solutions for all the international problems, had perished. The loss to the world can never be estimated. Every television program will be pre-empted to cover every facet of his "lying in state" in full regalia.

Suddenly, to the amazement of the entire world, in dramatic fashion,

"He who had the fatal wound of the sword came to life" (Rev. 13:14 etc.)

How this counterfeit resurrection will be accomplished, it certainly will galvanize and fascinate the entire world. Immediately he will create an incredible sensation. The universal expression of every nationality, class and creed will be:-

Who is like this man, who can equal his miraculous accomplishments?

His triumph will be complete, the whole world can conceive of no-one like him. They will hail him as their Messiah indeed. Every man, woman and child will be so captivated and entranced by his supernatural qualities and powers, that they will render him complete and willing homage.

Metamorphic Traits

Until now he had presented himself as a peaceful unassuming, yet brilliant & eloquent diplomat. He gained popularity & acceptance worldwide by the amazing performance of simulated miracles. Now he arbitrarily assumes complete political control of every nation. The façade of benevolence, tolerance & prosperity quickly evaporates. As an essential concomitant he will be a consummate autocrat.

"He was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation" (Rev. 13:7)

Motivated and empowered by Satan he will appropriate dominion and authority as absolute dictator and despot. All opposition will be crushed and broken ruthlessly and mercilessly.

A biographic resume of his autocratic traits is presented by correlating the appropriate scriptures:-

The Beast (Rev. 13:1)

This is his true nature - ruthless and brutal to all who resist-Crushing vindictively all opposition to his rule.

Man of Sin and Son of Perdition. (2 Thess. 2:3)

He is the epitome and culmination of all that is evil and opposed to God.

King of Babylon (Isaiah 14:4) Assyrian (Isaiah 10:24, Isaiah 31:8)

The Scriptural geographic delineation from where he will appear.

Antichrist (1 John 2:18)

The false Messiah. The complete Antithesis of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The period of the worldwide dominance and rule of the Antichrist however, is specifically limited. God has set the bounds. There is absolutely no provision for extension.

"Power was given to him to exercise authority for forty-two months " (Rev. 13:5)

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Chapter Nine


As already noted, one of the notable titles by which the Antichrist will be known, is that predicted by Isaiah "The King of Babylon". As absolute dictator, he now ruthlessly exercises his despotic domination over the entire world in absolute regal authority. The ancient City of Babylon is selected as the centre of his kingly reign. The Capital City of the World is thus created. The Antichrist is King. He proceeds to set the framework for One World Government. This we will discuss in the next chapter.

The City of Babylon has a very prominent place in end-time predictions.

Ancient Babylon

Ancient Babylon was one of the earliest centres of civilization adjacent to the confluence of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers. At the pinnacle of Nebuchadnezzar's dominion in the sixth century B.C., it was the world's biggest and most sophisticated City. It had a population of approximately one million inhabitants, and enjoyed power and prosperity for fifteen centuries. Its "Hanging Gardens" were classed as one of the wonders of the ancient world. The City, itself, was the admiration of all mankind. It was abandoned, however, in the fourth century B.C., and rapidly disappeared, but was never actually destroyed precisely as specifically predicted by the prophets. Babylon, therefore, must literally be rebuilt.

Anthony Walker, an authoritative correspondent for the Melbourne Age took a "day off" at the end of the Gulf War to inspect the ruins of Babylon. He reported:-

"To my amazement a city is emerging from the swamp into which it had sunk during more than two thousand years of decay and neglect. Walls have been rebuilt along the Processional Way leading to the Ishtar Gate. A replica of this famed Ishtar Gate has been completed in blue-grey glazed bricks with relief carvings (See Illustrative photograph). The bitumen surface on the street itself, which remarkably dates from the time of Nebuchadnezzar has been uncovered. The great Ziggurat, with its seven steps has been reconstructed; together with the crenellated fortifications along the Processional Route."

“Millions of bricks have been used to reconstruct its most famous features, including Nebuchadnezzar's Throne room his massive Southern Palace, Temples and a 4.000 seat Amphitheatre. There is still writing on the walls of Procession Way " (See Illustrative photography)

President Hussein has provided an "open cheque" for the task and even brought men from the battle-front for the project. Alongside the road from Baghdad scores of brickmaking factories are working full blast. All bricks used bear the inscription "Restored in the Era of
Saddam Hussein". The area will be artificially irrigated for the replanting of the Hanging Gardens.

Babylon has been rebuilt! It is later than we think!

The Antichrist and his Associate will appropriate, enlarge and modernise it as their Headquarters and the Capital City of the World. Wealthy business enterprises and stock markets will quickly transfer their core of operation. Shops, stores and warehouses will be stocked with exotic and rare goods from every country. It will be universally recognised as the focal point of commerce. (Rev. 18)

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Port Babylon?

This, ipso facto, would seem to indicate that Babylon will become a Trading Port", a centre for world shipping. This was not so in ancient times. The Rivers Euphrates and Tigris are navigable by ocean-going ships through the Shat Al Arab as far as Basra

An American space shuttle was photographing the earth through a wide-angle lens. The series was shown on National Television in Australia. One in particular was fascinating and illuminating in the light of the above.

Subsequently Peter Fend elucidated in the "Australian"

"The Iraqi Government claimed it had a secret weapon against
Iran; speculation centred on Exocet Missiles or Poison Gas However satellite images suggest that the weapon is a massive piece of hydrological engineering east of Basra. Iraq has built a huge water-barrier fifty kilometres long by ten kilometres wide and it is still growing. The Karkheh and Karun Rivers have been diverted and the salt lakes drained into the system" (See Map)

Could this eventually provide a navigable canal all the way to Babylon?

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Chapter Ten


Simultaneously with the Antichrist becoming the absolute political dictator of the world; his potent associate will join him in centre stage. He will be equally dynamic and powerful in his own sphere; will exhibit the same scintillating personality and oratorical prowess (Rev. 13:11-12). This second Beast will have two horns. In Biblical symbology, horns invariably denote power, authority and dominion. However, unlike the Antichrist, the horns are not crowned. Consequently these do not represent political sovereignty. Although apparently lamb-like and inoffensive; in reality there is still the same beastly order; and the same satanic authority and motivation. He will exercise all the dominion of the Antichrist; and will be the executive administrator of the operation.

There are, however, delineated specific distinctive functions that distinguish his particular realm of jurisdiction in the satanic hierarchy. The two horns indicate he will have "dually" - complete economic control of the world system; and will wield full religious authority (Rev. 13:11-18) - The religious element is one of the most powerful in humanity, and so appears in all the history of mankind. In confirmation of the latter office, he is characteristically designated the "False Prophet" (Rev. 19:20)

European Economic Confederacy

It is elementary and obvious that one confederacy adequately provides the pre-requisites for such a combination of function and authority - The European Economic Confederacy. Such an amalgamation of religion and commerce would inevitably provide a suitable & ideal power-base for the False Prophet. He would immediately and acceptably be a religious leader with world-wide recognition and following. In addition, he would have control over a base "Economic Common suitable and ideal power-base for the False Prophet.

The dominant pictorial representation of the False Prophet, and his European Hegemony is a women riding on a multi-horned Beast (Rev. 17:3). It seems beyond the realm of coincidence that postage stamps commemorating the "Second Election European Parliament" depicted exactly that prediction (See photo reproduction).

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Economic Impact

The False Prophet will have a phenomenal impact on the whole world economically. He will control totally the financial systems, the commercial enterprises and the multinationals. The Common Market apparatus will eventually be transferred to Babylon. There he will create a monopoly and a conglomerate infrastructure that will control and centralize the commercial economy of the whole world (Rev. 18)

Religious Impact

The False Prophet will have a phenomenal impact on the whole world religiously. He will be the master of the miraculous. Manifestation of the supernatural has always been the criterion man has associated with Deity. The False Prophet will have amazing power to demonstrate mighty superhuman phenomena to impress even sceptics. To universal consternation and astonishment, he will cause a spectacular blaze of fire to streak across the sky from heaven to earth. Such demonstration has previously been specifically the prerogative of God alone.

Through this and other incredible wonders, every person will believe and accept his counterfeit miraculous power. They will willingly acquiesce to his amalgamation of all beliefs and systems into one ecumenical creed. Eventually, however, he will completely dispense with organized religion. Instead all will be compelled to concentrate their worship on the Antichrist, who was fatally wounded, yet lived again.

The Channeler

Linda Evans, the Television Star, of "Dynasty" fame is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She believes that her emotional security and sense of peace rests in the hands of a "Channeler."

This is an exact adumbration of the future. Every person will be controlled by a "Channeler" in every facet and pattern of their lives, i.e. the False Prophet, the administrator of this final dictatorship.

His whole disposition is succinctly presented in Revelation 13:12-16. He will: -

(a) Exercise unconditional and universal delegated jurisdiction.
(b) Compel people to worship the Antichrist, who was fatally wounded and came to life.
(c) Be the master of miraculous signs. Deceive the inhabitants of the earth, because of these phenomenal miracles.
(d) Exterminate all opposition.
(e) Force the whole population to receive the "Mark of the Beast". This will be covered fully in the next chapter.

The Penalty of Participation

There will be, however, a clear, distinct and fearful penalty to all who succumb to his edicts and enforcements.
"If any man worship the Antichrist and receive his mark on the forehead, or on the hand, he will experience the wrath of God ...
He will be tormented forever and ever" (Rev. 14:9-11)

The Trinity of Evil

When this amalgamation will be consummated, there will finally be achieved the most evil deception introduced surreptitiously upon mankind.

The profane simulation of the Trinity:-

(a) Satan - presents himself as the 'God` of this world.
(b) Antichrist - will impersonate the Lord Jesus Christ as Messiah.
(c) False Prophet - the executor of the Antichrist, will magnify him and exercise his power, in imitation of the Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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Chapter Eleven


The False Prophet will have a phenomenal Impact on the whole world individually.

It is predicted that he will have absolute control of the whole existence, the financial enterprises and the household economics of every person. Current computer technology, linked to Government controlled electronic transfer of funds will expedite complete and total regulation of every transaction.

His impact will be so powerful and universal that he will compel every subordinate to physically demonstrate their allegiance.

"He also forced everyone ... to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark" (Rev. 13:16-17)

Coming events are already casting their well-defined shadows! The installation of computer inline networks with commensurate E.F.T.P.O.S. terminals at numerous retail outlets; and the plethora of plastic credit cards available, are ensuring cash transactions have an incurable terminal complaint. However, the incidence of "card fraud" world-wide is a significant developing problem. It is of greater concern than currency counterfeiting.

Regulations are rapidly being drafted in most countries of the world toward the implementation of some form of effective control. People are already being conditioned by appropriately significant advertisements.

The I.D. Card

In this respect the 1985 Australian Federal Government endeavored to introduce a National "I.D. Card". Every person's personal financial and business details were to be registered on a centralized computerized mega-data-base. One member of the said Government stated:-

"First the Card, then the number, finally the mark"

Contemporary history records that the Australian I.D. Card was over-whelming rejected.

The Number

"Four Corners" Television program broadcast (21.10.91):-
"The I.D. Card victory was illusory. With minimum publicity the Australian Government stealthily by-passed the card and introduced "The Number". This was the compulsory cross-registration of the personal `Tax-File-Number` by each individual.

Big Brother's computerized mega-data-base has a complete file on you!

In spite of firm undertakings by members of parliament to the contrary, through computer-sifting and data-matching the in¬formation was very widely shared. Your personal and private details are recorded in a whole range of Government Departments, Quasi-Government Bodies, Banks, & Police etc. There are even political data-bases of constituents in electorates, code-named "Percy".

Of greater concern, however, there is a lucrative illegal underground data-trading network. Exchange of files takes place at 'Club` parties."

This has subsequently been confirmed by the report of the Independent Commission against Corruption released August 1992. They reveal, inter alia, that a number of people have already been indicted for such breaches of confidentiality.

Confidential documents obtained by "The Australian" reveal:-

"This file number will be implemented by the same Government Body as wanted the Australia Card, using the same computers purchased for the card."

Australia has stepped across the threshold of a new computer controlled society. We have surreptitiously been propelled to the second stage - The Number". Every person will eventually be compelled to use their tax number for all business, money and credit transactions.

The Jerusalem Post reported -

The Israeli Government has expressed concern regarding the "Number" and the "Mark of the Beast", i.e. "No. 666". They have launched a national competition with an immediate prize of Is. 8,000 ($10,200) to the person who can discover the meaning of this 'Number 666' ".

Ironically the Israelis to not accept the New Testament - nor Rev. 16:18.

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The Mark

Numbers can be forgotten, or inadvertently transposed. During the war our Aircrew number was stamped on metal "Identity Discs" The U.S. Army has gone a step further. There have been occasions where "Identity Discs" have been switched on deceased prisoners of war To obviate this they now engrave the soldier's identity number of one of his molar-teeth. A scanner will be used to read the bar-code data when required.

Experience tells us that dental problems are always a possibility with consequent extraction!

Eventually, the Bible predicts, it will be on the right hand or the forehead, visible only by scanner under ultra-violet light.

The Verdict

The acceptance and reception of The Mark" which will represent specific identification with the economic control by the political dictators, will have severe and demoralizing repercussions both immediate and eternal.

"Anyone who received The Mark on the forehead, or on the hand will be compelled to endure in full the wrath of God (Rev. 14:9)".

In particular, the final 3 1/2 years of their rule will experience a series of incredible judgments.

Extremely painful epidemics will torment all mankind.
Cosmic disturbances will create unbearably intense extremes in the climatic environment.

Catastrophic disasters will produce famines in every country.

Finally unprecedented earthquakes will raze the great cities of the world, and geographic upheavals will cause mountains and islands to completely disappear. (Matt. 24:7, Rev. 16:1-21)

The wrath of Almighty God will be so unparalleled and unbearable that the inhabitants of the earth will endeavour to commit suicide without success. (Rev. 9:6)

The eternal consequences, however, will be infinitely worse:-

"Anyone who receives the mark on the forehead, or on the hand ... will be tormented forever and ever." (Rev. 14:9-11)

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Chapter Twelve


The False Prophet will have a phenomenal impact on the whole world politically.

"He exercises all the authority of the Antichrist" (Rev. 13:12),

with the latter's obvious approbation and acquiescence. In the exercise of this delegated power, - his prime objective will be to direct and consolidate all political authority toward this miraculous leader. To that end he will combine and concentrate his immense religious following and his enlarged European Economic Community, with the already extensive power-bloc established and dominated by the Antichrist.

With this significant amalgamation, "One World Government" has been achieved. Ruled autocratically from the capital city of Babylon.

New World Order?

Over the years many academics, international statesmen, and even radicals have promulgated their dogma regarding the "New World Order" as the only solution for the future of the universe. This phrase recurs repeatedly in a multiplicity of organisations: -
Marxism endeavoured to enforce a "New World Order" by violent revolution and conquest.

Cecil Rhodes, the British Colonial Statesman, imbued with this concept bequeathed his entire fortune to establish the "Rhodes Scholarship". A scheme specifically to indoctrinate and train men for leadership in the "New World Order". Some graduates joined the Fabian Society to achieve this same goal through Socialism.

The Belderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations (C.F.R) and the Tri-Lateral Commission are each comprised of elitist groups with expertise in their respective fields. All have their 'Grand Design* to acquire key political positions in Government and promote the "New World Order".

Time Magazine comments:-

"President Bush (a long time member of the Tri-Lateral Commission) claimed progress toward the implementation of a New World Order. His rhetoric proved illusory. Subsequent events in the Persian Gulf and Europe, while different in so many respects, had the combined effect of making the New World Order seem all the more remote".

It is vital to understand that "New World Order" is simply an euphemism and sometimes virtually a code-phrase, for "One World Government".

The prophets anticipated such endeavours. However, each was doomed to failure until the predicted Appointed Time.

Manipulating by Monopoly

The industrialised nations of the world depend upon a secure guaranteed supply of oil. Entire economies rise or fall with its availability. It was the catalyst for the Gulf War; and will be the "Spoil" which draws Russia into the Middle East in World War 3.

Having a virtual monopoly of an overwhelming percentage of the world supply of oil; and the concomitant wealth it generates will be very potent weapons for the implementation and enforcement of One World Government. Weapons which will be exploited fully by the Antichrist and the False prophet.

Pinnacle of Prosperity

This cartelizing of essential commodities, the complete ruthlessness of this despotic dictator; the miraculous confirmations and demonstrations by the False Prophet; and the amalgamation of all religious and commercial power into Babylon will ensure its domination. One World Government will have reached the very pinnacle of its prosperity and wealth. All political and economic authority and power will be centred in one administration. The benefits in progress and development of this concentration of jurisdiction will have become evident. The wisdom of reconstruction and functional philosophies will be fully appreciated.

Babylon will presume, exalt, and glorify itself

"I will be a Queen forever" (Rev. 18:7)

Marilyn C
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Holocaust in their Headquarters

Suddenly the mighty hand of Divine Judgment will operate in retribution. The whole complex will be confounded and annihilated in one hour:-

"This is the day of the Lord; and Babylon, the jewel of kingdoms, the glory of Babylonian's pride will be overthrown by God like "Sodom and Gomorrah" (Isaiah 13:19)

Babylon the Great is fallen, is fallen (Rev. 18:1)

The fall of Babylon will be one of the most outstanding and cataclysmic calamities in the history of mankind. When it occurs the entire world will be shocked and desolated. The awesomeness of the catastrophe can be construed from the ensuing reactions. All who had prospered and benefited, the commercial enterprises, the shipping companies, the entrepreneurs and the world leaders will be devastated by the disaster.

The double repetition of "Fallen" describes the two separate areas of collapse. It corresponds to the two perspectives by which Babylon will be regarded. Firstly the capital city itself; and secondly its centralised worship.

Transfer to the Temple

Both aspects will be swiftly addressed by the Antichrist and the False Prophet. Infuriated against God for His destruction of their City, they will annul their peace-treaty covenant with Israel. Jerusalem will now become their capital city and venue of their centralised "One World Government".

"He will plant his palace between the seas (i.e. The Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea) in the Glorious Holy Mountain (i.e. Jerusalem)" Daniel 11:45.

They will install the administrative headquarters in the Israeli recently built Temple (see Chapter 2). Antichrist will proclaim himself as God and demand to be worshipped as such:-

"He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that Is called God or is worshipped, so that he sets himself up in God's Temple, proclaiming himself to be God". 2 Thess. 2:4

"He will exalt and magnify himself above God.... and against the God of Gods". Daniel 11:36

The Statue that Speaks

It will be the particular function and office of the False Prophet to always support and magnify the Antichrist. To that end he will establish a new era of homage in specific commemoration of the most outstanding and supernatural miracle of their dominion:-

"He ordered them to set up an image in honour of Antichrist who was fatally wounded by the sword yet came alive again. He had power to give life to the image so that it could speak. He caused all who refused to worship the image to be killed." (Rev. 13:14-15).

Whether this will be done electronically or miraculously will be immaterial. It will be a universally sensational phenomenon. All will be prepared to worship the "Statue that speaks". It will be prostrate or perish; bow or burn.

Jesus indicated this image will be set up in desecration at the altar in the Temple building (see photograph - Temple interior chapter 2). He reiterated and confirmed the prophecy of Daniel as He designated it "The abomination of desolation". (Matthew 24:15. Daniel 9:27 & 12:11).

Still unassuaged in their animosity against God they determine to exterminate entirely the nation of Israel. They will organize the military might at their command and summons all nations to gather under their "One World Government" leadership:-

"To a place called Armageddon" (Rev. 16:16)

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Marilyn C
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Chapter Thirteen


`They gathered the Kings together to a place that is called Armageddon.` (Rev. 16: 16)

One of the most significant & overwhelming responses to this edict will emanate from a vast & populous territory. One of which there is no record of previous involvement in end-times events.

`The great river Euphrates dried up, to prepare the way for the Kings of the East.` (Rev. 16: 12)

This refers obviously to a power-bloc far removed geographically from previous world events. Kings of the `Sunrising` is a closer literal translation. It is the historical designation of nationalities populating the orient. Countries which for centuries have remained isolated from the rest of the world. `Kings of the East` is thus a synonym of the Orient & includes all the principalities of that area.

Japan was the catalyst which shattered any illusion the Western Nations might have entertained regarding the militaristic potential & ambitions of this region. They charted a course for conquest & domination during World War 2 which subjugated a large area of Asia & Oceania.

Direction Right – Timing Wrong

Their expressed ambition & purpose was even to expand beyond the Orient, & to influence the course of the war in the Middle East. The official History of the Royal Australian Navy record:-
`The German Ambassador in Tokyo telegraphed his Foreign Minister Ribbentrop the result of an interview he had with Japanese Foreign Minister, Togo. Togo advised him, inter alia, that Japanese Naval operations in the Indian Ocean would correspond with the German desire for a Japanese advance toward the Middle East.

Vice-Admiral Nagumo (who led the attack on Pearl Harbour) sailed into the Indian Ocean with a powerful striking force. The British Eastern Fleet, with vastly inferior numbers & gun-power,
Were ordered to retire to Kilindini, in East Africa. Nothing stood between the Japanese Fleet & the Middle East. However, planes from their aircraft-carriers had bombed Ceylon twice, enroute. So many aircraft had been shot down that Nagumo had to return to Japan for replenishment of aircraft & pilots.

Re-equipped they were ready to continue westward into the Indian Ocean towards a possible link with the Western Axis Powers in the Middle East.

For some inexplicable reason, the Japanese Imperial headquarters suddenly changed their plan of operations. They decided to thrust eastwards & capture Port Moresby, Midway, & Hawaii, in that order.`

The allied Navy, as a result of gaining possession of the Japanese code-secrets, knew the enemy plans, intercepted & defeated them at the battle of the Coral Sea.

Britain was able to reinforce its Eastern Fleet & effectively to control the Indian Ocean. Japan went on to overwhelming defeat.

God had set the `Appointed Time.` This was not the moment for the Kings of the East to come to the Middle East. Japan was decades ahead of God`s schedule!

Marilyn C
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