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Marilyn Crow  is currently offline Marilyn Crow
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Red Dragon Take Over

Subsequent upon the defeat of Japan, Communist China emerged as the dominant force in the orient. China certainly has an enormous population, & has made remarkable progress in the
production of weapons of war. However, what is predicted and envisaged in Revelation is the mobilization of a giant confederacy of all the oriental countries. China, of course, will take precedence by virtue of their immense man-power. However, their indigenous numerical strength will be augmented by their adjacent ethnological allies.

The army of the Kings of the East will be the largest ever statistically conceived. Two hundred million troops on the road to Armageddon. Imagine the amazement of the Apostle John. At that time the whole population of the entire world barely reached that figure. By way of comparison, during World War 2, fifty million was the maximum number engaged in all armies, both allied and enemy, combined.

In this context a two hundred million combat force certainly presents an incredible numerical concept. However, with the current population explosion in the Orient, for the first time in history, such a predicted number is not only conceivable but actually available. One has only to walk through the streets of any Chinese town; or travel in a Chinese tram, to encounter an amazing number of armed uniformed troops.

Make no mistake:-

"God has prepared that exact number specifically for this very hour, and day, and month, and year." (Rev. 9:15-16)

The Appointed Time is set!

The Overlanders

This mighty coalition of oriental powers has, in the predictable future, neither the naval or air force capability to transport such a gigantic force. However, rapid overland transportation through China, and consequent deployment to Armageddon has recently been impressively facilitated.

China Tourism Magazine reports:-

To speed up development of tourism, "Tarmaced" highways have replaced the old camel-tracks meandering paths, air-conditioned deluxe passenger coaches travel at speeds of 120
kilometres per hour, skirting the Gobi desert at altitudes of over 4,000 metres.

From Kashgar, the terminus of the ancient "Silk Road", the newly engineered Karakoram Highway climbs over the Khunerjab Pass which like a sentinel commands, at 4,785 metres altitude, access into Pakistan and the West.

A travel agency in Paris has designed a 28 day trip which follows this legendary Silk Road in its entirety".

This ancient "Silk Road" formed a gigantic link from the capital of China, in Han times, to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The way of the Kings of the East has not only been prepared, as predicted; but it has literally been 'paved'!

[Updated on: Tue, 18 March 2014 05:41]

Marilyn C
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Marilyn Crow  is currently offline Marilyn Crow
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New Eurasian Continental Bridge

Infinitely more significant, however, than even the above-mentioned impressive modernising of the overland highways, are the implications of the immense project just completed. The current issue of 'China Today*, the official monthly publication devoted to promulgating and eulogizing that country's 'Reconstruction Progress', provides an enthusiastic report :-

"A new Eurasian Continental Bridge is a major accomplishment for the 1990's. The ambitious undertaking was to construct a 'continental bridge' to convey passengers and freight 10,800 kilometres from the eastern coast of China to the Mediterranean and European ports in one smooth continuous operation. Compared to marine navigation this would shorten the distance by 10,000 kilometres, thus saving considerable cost and time.

There are only four continental bridges in the world, this - the newest - commenced operation, as scheduled, in mid 1991. The China section of the trunk railway transverses 4,200 kilometres from Lianyungang on the East China Sea across the entire country to the Alatawa Pass on its Western border frontier. There it connects with the already established railroad system to the Mediterranean and Europe. (See map of China and Railroads)

Lianyungang was designated in 1985, as the eastern terminal of this project. Since then fabrication of ultra-modern dock facilities have been especially designed and constructed uniquely for this purpose. The port is capable of handling containers, and providing other consignment facilities simultaneously and expeditiously.

Xuzhou, 230 kilometres to the west, is the communications hub and crossroads of the Eurasian Continental Bridge. This terminal integrates into the system the trunk railways from the northern provinces routed through Beijing; together with those from Shanghai and the south. Xuzhou railway station, completed 1991 extends over 11.5 kilometres, with a remarkable fully automated transport capacity. Direct trains pass through every 2 or 3 minutes -passenger and freight trains operating on separate individual lines. Xuzhou was, and is a strategic military site in both current and modem times."

The phenomenal significance of this extensively planned, competently executed and efficiently operated Eurasian Continental Bridge is startlingly obvious, with particular contemporary connotations.

The 'Way of the Kings of the East' to Armageddon is no longer an ancient prophecy, an obscure prediction, or an academic theory, but is a stark evident reality.

This is such an obvious sign of the fulfilment of the prophecies of the Bible, that even the most bigoted sceptic cannot fail to be so impressed. Consider:-

(a) A modem efficient multi-terminal port is already available for the speedy disembarkation of China's Oriental allies:- i.e. the rest of the 'Kings of the East'.

(b) The New Eurasian Continental Bridge east-west trunk railway will provide expeditious and speedy transport all the way to Armageddon;

(1)Facilities for the full complement of troops specifically
designated in the Biblical prophecy - Revelation 9:16.

(2) Separate rail tracks for simultaneous transport of their tanks,guns and other armaments of a modem mechanised army.

Marilyn C
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Marilyn Crow  is currently offline Marilyn Crow
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Dried Up River Bed

The Euphrates River has consistently figured prominently in, and invariably presented a formidable barrier for, the Great Empires of the past. This caused by its geographical location bisecting, as it does, the whole of the Middle East from North to South, plus its remarkable length. It originates in Turkey and flows practically three thousand kilometres to the Persian Gulf at Iraq, and is virtually devoid of fordable crossings. Symbolically, as well as practically, it has always been considered the ancient demarcation line between East and West.

Rudyard Kipling, England's first Nobel prize winner, encapsulated it concisely in his "Ballad".

"East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet".

God has ordained and predicted that there will be a meeting on a massive and far-reaching scale. A specific and unmistakable sign will precisely indicate the time-slot.

"The Great River Euphrates was 'Dried up' to prepare the way for the Kings of the East" (Rev. 16:12)

The "Gap" project is one of the most ambitious programs ever undertaken in Turkey. It is an integrated project involving the building of a series of dams and hydroelectric power plants on the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

The Turkish Government advises:-

"When completed it will supply fifty percent of their electrical power and irrigate nearly two million hectares of land in the south-east plains surrounding the rivers (see Gulf Area Map). There will be eleven large dams on the river Euphrates. The Ataturk Dam has already been completed."

As a direct result of this achievement, intensive condemnation was forcefully expressed by the nations downstream. The Baghdad correspondent of the Melbourne Sun-Herald quoted from the official newspaper 'Al-Thawra':-

"The Iraqi Government has lodged very strong diplomatic complaints. The River Euphrates was diverted for thirty days to fill this new dam in Turkey. The once fertile fields of wheat and barley in the Euphrates basin are dried-up wastelands and desert".

Currently relations between Syria and Turkey are severely strained for the same reason. In spite of this the remaining extensive projects of this 'Gap' program are progressing on schedule.

The River Euphrates is drying up. The stage is set for the Kings of the East.

It is later than we think!

[Updated on: Tue, 18 March 2014 21:14]

Marilyn C
Re: Fires Before the dawn. [message #10960 is a reply to message #10954] Wed, 19 March 2014 21:21 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Marilyn Crow  is currently offline Marilyn Crow
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Chapter Fourteen


Cheyenne, Wyoming, is a place of Great American Historical significance. It was the centre of cattle empires in the frontier days of the West. It was the Military Headquarters of General Custer before the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Today, however, Cheyenne is a far more significant centre. The New York correspondent of the 'Australian' provides a fascinating insight:-

"It is the launch-control of the 90th U.S. Strategic Missile Wing. Control lies thirty metres underground. A two-man crew is on constant alert awaiting the E.W.O. (Emergency War Order). "Armageddon" would be signalled by an E.W.O. direct from the President at the Pentagon or on his Airborne Command Centre. It would come via eight separate communication channels, both vocal and print-out, in the specific code indicated in the President's "Black Box" (Q.V. Chapter 4). After validation from the Cheyenne code-book, a predetermined procedure would be put in motion. Missiles would lift-off and land within twelve metres of the target in thirty minutes."

This is the grim scenario of the missile trigger "Codenamed payout Armageddon".

A Recognized Certainty

Armageddon, a Biblical term, has become a synonym in current terminology for the universal holocaust to end civilization. Not only President Bush, but other world leaders, politicians and analysts recognise this certainty. There is a universal realisation that it is not "if" but "when" will Armageddon eventuate.

This is the conviction which keeps the world in a continual state of crisis and confrontation. It is the conviction which keeps U.S. submarines ceaselessly patrolling at the bottom of the ocean, running silent and running deep, invulnerable to pre-emption, and bristling with missiles, each capable of exacting terrible revenge. Each with the capacity to deliver more destructive power than the total carnage caused by all armies combined in all battles in World War 2.

A High Tech Arsenal

It is this countdown to Armageddon which impels each super-power to continually find more lethal weapons for their high-tech arsenals, to retain superiority and the potential to annihilate any adversary. In spite of peace-talks and bilateral arms reduction proposals, the build-up of military hardware for Armageddon progresses rapidly.

In this respect Time Magazine comments on the implications of President Bush's recent unilateral disarmament proposition:-

"The essential purpose is to accelerate the retirement of out dated weapons, while protecting key elements of U.S. "Strategic modernisation" i.e. The Ultra Modern High-Tech Arsenal:-

(a) The 'Stealth' fighter-bomber, which is practically invisible to Radar.

(b) The 'Smart" Bomb, laser guided with pin-point accuracy. It can be dropped down an air-shaft to burrow through reinforced concrete and explode inside the bunker, utterly destroying it (Q.V. Chapter 4)

(c) The `Tomahawk' cruise missile, essentially a frying computer. It can travel 2,500 kilometres and hit the target with unnerving accuracy. En route it can twist, turn and sweep ninety degree turns around street corners, before closing in on the Terminal End Point'."

It is the Armageddon hypothesis which ensures the effective strategic orbit of the American reconnaissance space armada. These satellites are programmed to eavesdrop on voice and data channels, detect and identify all military infrastructure; or supply precise multispectral coverage and location of targets.

The American New Scientist reviews this sophisticated equipment:-

"At a cost of more than $150 Billion, the U.S. Department of Defence has assembled the world's most extensive and powerful military space armada. The Global positioning system of optical and radar satellites, equipped with infra-red sensors, can detect objects on the ground between 15 and 20 centimetres across. For example, "Keyhole" satellites at the perigree of their elliptical orbits were able to identify the location and size of a ventilation shaft on the roof of the Baghdad Command Centre. Other satellites in geostationary orbit provided precise targeting information for cruise missiles and allied aircraft.

The Gulf War was the first stage of the Space-Age countdown to Armageddon."

[Updated on: Wed, 19 March 2014 21:25]

Marilyn C
Re: Fires Before the dawn. [message #10962 is a reply to message #10960] Thu, 20 March 2014 05:37 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Marilyn Crow  is currently offline Marilyn Crow
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A Comprehensive Mobilization

This plethora of High-Tech weaponry, and sophisticated Space-Age Star-War Armada, while important in the immediate, has a vastly superior predicted role in the foreseeable future. It will conveniently and assuredly provide a prodigious and opportune arsenal for the Supreme Dictators. With this overwhelmingly advanced armoury they will deliberately, with implacable intransigence, precipitate the final gigantic and horrific holocaust.

"They gathered the Kings together to the place called Armageddon" (Rev. 16:16)

The animosity of the Antichrist and the False Prophet against God for the obliteration of their Capital City will still be unassuaged. This in spite of their retaliatory breaking of the Israeli Peace-Covenant; and their vindictive desecration of the Temple in Jerusalem. They determine to organise the full potential of their extensive military power in one final sweep to exterminate the nation of Israel. A comprehensive mobilization order will be promulgated to every nation and super-power to assemble their armies at Armageddon.

All the predictions of the prophets given twenty-five centuries before have eventuated, and the confederacies have emerged accurately as foretold, in their specific chronological order. They have developed simultaneously and recognisably, in current history, precisely and meticulously as predetermined prophetically.

With the same infallible pre-ordination these nations will respond implicitly to the summons; and converge upon the Middle East. Then facilitated by supernatural intervention they will amalgamate with the enormous militant Asiatic Force, two hundred million strong (Q.V. Chapter 13)

The Armageddon Rendezvous

Armageddon, literally the Mount of Megiddo. It includes, more specifically, the great extended plain of Megiddo which stretches just above the centre of Israel from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River. It is a broad valley which had developed into a large swamp. However, Israel has drained and cultivated it into a fruitful and fertile plain. One that is extensive and eminently suitable as a natural staging area for a large army. It is a strategic centre with many natural advantages for such a rendezvous. The gateway to Israel, it is the intersection of three continents, with the large port of Haifa at its Western end. Altogether one of the most accessible areas of the Middle East.

Armageddon is from a primitive Hebrew root meaning to "Pluck", or "Destroy". This portrays dramatically the history of this valley. It has been the venue of conflict from early Old Testament times until Napoleon. He called It:-

"Earth's greatest natural battlefield, with sufficient room for the entire armies of the world to manoeuvre."

The Armageddon Campaign

Armageddon will be more than an isolated battle, or engagement contained in one specific area, like Alamein or Waterloo. The Hebrew word "Polemos" indicated a campaign that will extend over a larger area, and a greater period of time. Several other geographical locations are predicted to be involved (See Armageddon Campaign Chart). The prophet Joel gives added information and enlarges the area of operation:-

"I will gather all nations & bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat." (Joel 3: 2)

This is an elongated valley commencing east of Jerusalem and spreads northward parallel to the Jordan Valley. It was part of the ancient trade route connecting Israel with Assyria.

Eventually, the City of Jerusalem, itself, will become involved and become the focal centre of attack and final conflict. (Zechariah 14:2)

In geographical and prophetical composite, the armies of every nation in the world will initially gather at Armageddon. There, they will be consolidated into one mighty invasion force. It will advance in extended order, stretching from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan Valley. This gigantic army will sweep through the plains of Esdraelon and Samaria conquering and subduing every town and village, exterminating all Israelis enroute.

Finally this force will encompass the City of Jerusalem which will eventually be overwhelmed, conquered and looted. Two-thirds of the whole Israeli nation will be slain. (Zechariah 13:8 - 14:2)

Jesus said:-

"When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, you will know it is the final desolation" (Luke 21:20)

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Marilyn C
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The Armageddon Annihilation

Israel as a nation will be broken and crushed. The armies of all the nations of the world will be martialled in victory formation outside Jerusalem. What a triumph! The whole world of at least 300 million troops against little Israel! What an overkill! However, it is predicted by Jesus that it will be a pyrrhic victory.

"At that moment the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky" (Matthew 24:30)

The Antichrist, and the Kings of the earth will marshal their armies to make war against the Lord Jesus Christ for the kingdoms of this world. Their military aggression against such an adversary, will be completely ineffective.

The Triumphal Entry

Jesus comes forth triumphantly as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. In direct contrast to His first advent as a babe in Bethlehem. He now appears as the mighty conqueror in Sovereign Power and Authority (Zechariah 14:3 & Rev. 19:11-14)

At this specific moment the combined military force of the world will be totally destroyed. Manifestly, not by any military operation, but by the Word of authority of the Lord Jesus Christ that emanates from His Mouth like a sharp sword. (Rev. 19:15)

In effect:-

"The Lord will strike all the nations that fought against Jerusalem. Their flesh will consume away while they are still standing on their feet; their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths." (Zech. 14:12)

This is frighteningly similar to the effects of a thermo-nuclear blast!

In one dramatic blow the power of the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be broken forever. In an inglorious end they will be taken, and will be cast alive into the Fiery Lake of Eternal Punishment (Rev. 19:20)

Satan, the evil motivating power behind his dictators, will be bound and rendered inoperative for the entire period of the "Millennial Reign of Christ" over the earth. (Rev 20:1-3)

Thus the Lord conquers over every hostile force as He returns to earth triumphantly to rule and to reign:-

"On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives east of Jerusalem" (Zechariah 14:4)

The Mt. Zion reporter published the following:-

"Holiday Inns planned to erect a large hotel on a hilltop just outside Jerusalem City. They sent their group of engineers to research the site. After some investigation they returned and filed their report. There was no way a hotel could be built on that location. There was a geological fault under the selected spot on the Mount of Olives. It could split down the centre at any time."

The project was abandoned.

This discovery was extremely significant: -

"On that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives ... it will split in two from East to West forming a great valley." (Zechariah 14:4)

It is much later than we think!

Marilyn C
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Chapter Fifteen


"Where are you going?" (John 16:5)

Where do you go from here? Consider the Incredible events to come upon all mankind: the unprecedented judgments from Almighty God on a sinful world. Judgments that will cause even the strongest and most powerful of individuals to endeavour to commit suicide, to no avail.

The despotic dictatorship, and complete control of everyday lives that all must accept. In so accepting, experience eventually the effects of a Divine Thermo-nuclear blast.
Finally to join the Antichrist, the False Prophet and all who took the "Mark of the Beast" in the Fiery Lake of Eternal Punishment.

Only those people who have received Jesus Christ as Saviour, now, will escape from this period of eternal wrath. They become part of the "Church of God" and will be "caught away" to heaven, before any of these events take place (Q.V. Book 2 Prophetic Calendar)

If you desire to belong to this company, even although you may not fully understand it all:-

(1) Recognize that in God's sight you are a sinner.
(2) Repent or 'turn away' from your past life.
(3) Believe that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to bear the punishment of your sins.
(4) Accept the free gift of God's forgiveness, salvation and eternal life, in heaven.
(5) Pray to Jesus and confess the above decision and thank Him.
(6) Contact the Pastor of an Evangelical Church.

Time Magazine reporter who was with the Allied Ground Troops in the Gulf War quoted that the favourite song of the soldiers as they went into action and advanced into Iraq, was from Psalm 91

"Under His Wings you will find refuge,
His faithfulness is a shield and a buckler.
You will not fear the terror of the night.
Nor the arrow that flies by day.
Nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness.
Nor the destruction that wastes at noonday.
Because he cleaves to Me in love I will deliver him,
I will protect him because he knows My Name,
A thousand may fall at your side.
Ten thousand at your right hand:
But it will not come near you.
For He will give His angels charge over you,
To guard you in all your ways
With long life I will satisfy him.
And show him My Salvation"
Psalm 91

That sums it up perfectly.

Marilyn C
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