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If we have anything surfacing in these end times, its the abundance of government conspiracy theories. They range from the fantastic to the mundane. Everybody's at least heard a few of them and maybe even speculated that some could be real.

But one might ask who is behind all these theories and what is the purpose of their existence.

The short scenario is: the government is secretly meeting with the Illuminati, with a few billionaires present and their discussing what should they do with the Christian population, or some theories include all religions.

It sounds like something that would sell a few novels. Are they seriously that worried?

I think that Christians who play into this information end up with a lot of illogical twisted information. If nothing else this information generates fear.

One individual I'm thinking of was planning on putting in an old fashion hand pump outside for their water supply and building a outhouse for bath room facilities because the government was going to shut down their electricity. Another individual had to talk about certain information with the cell phone in the other room so no one could hear what they were saying.

I've heard stories that people have related that someone is constantly watching us from a camera in the TV, a camera in the computer monitor, or tracking us through credit cards and cell phones.

Even if some of the information out there is true what purpose does it serve? With all that said we see individuals infatuated with all this information floating around.

Its best to take everything with a grain of salt. The people behind this stuff are they trying to make money on their latest book.

Some Christian group recently sent me a video which stated; Michelle Obama is a man. I had to admit the information seemed convincing, if you go by a mans ring finger is longer then his index finger while a woman's ring finger is shorter then her index finger, then looking at photos of Michelle, we find the ring finger is quite longer then the index finger. There was many other features that if true prove that the first lady was actually a wolf in sheep's clothing.

It sounded far fetched to my mind, this led to the thinking; what about all these theories circulating, how much is truth.

After we had the discussion on this board, that the man behind the book, "satan seller" was a fake and it was all fabricated, I've been leery of all this information flooding the market. I remember a brother telling me once that the government was building all these secret prisons around the country and they were going to put Christians in them. (He actually saw one of them with guards out front forbidding anyone to get near them), that was thirty years ago, whose paying to keep these empty buildings in shape?

I also remember reading a book that circulated back in the eighties that stated; Hitler and the SS troops were taking LSD, and mescaline. Is that crazy or what. I can't believe I thought it was all true, maybe it was, they sure didn't come across as peace loving hippies.


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I'm pretty sure that these kinds of things have always been around but it sure seems like they've been on steroids since the JFK assassination. That one has some legs especially since the 70's when it was officially determined that there was a conspiracy even though the official party line (Warren Commission Report) denied that very thing and was believed for over a decade.


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More or less agree with you Gary. A couple are actually true.

Another individual had to talk about certain information with the cell phone in the other room so no one could hear what they were saying.

There have been recent articles about that in the news. Landlines as well. My dad worked for the telephone company all his life. Without going into details the phone in your house can be used to listen in on the whole house. The police do it sometimes.

The issue to me though is why would they want to bother with Christians. Unless they have a reason to do it. Its a bit of work to make it happen.

According to the Israeli spy the Warren commission report was total bunk. The Mossad believes it was a mafia hit on the Texas governor gone wrong. Very interesting book. Gives a lot of background info to a lot of international stories. /0971759502

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