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The Spirit World in OT Thought


The Terms

There are 3 terms used a) is used of angels/ God & men
a) Malak angel or messenger
b) Bene Elohim sons of God Job1/6
c) mighty of mighty ones

The Origin of angels

a) the critical view
This is very involved but basically Israels religion came out of paganism & angels were really pagan gods.

b) The biblcal view

Yahweh has a royal court & its members are made up of angels cherubim, seraphim, living creatures, other creations. They are created spiritual beings that minister before him. 1 Kings 22/19, Ps.148/1-5

The OT Idea of Angels
a) Mediators Zech. 1/9, Dan. 9/21-2
-The explained the meaning of dreams and visions
- They protected and delivered. Heb.1/9 Dan.6/22
- They minister healing
-Dan.12/1 in the last days angels will minister deliverance to Israel.

b) They are personalities
Named as Gabrial & Michael

Angels and their Orders

a) Gabriel had a ministry of special revelation of God to man
He gave Revelation to Danial Dan.8/16,9/21
Zacharias & Mary. Luke 1/5,19,26

b) Michael. The head of the armies of Heaven.
Dan.10/13,21 one of the chief princes
Dan.12/1 the great prince
Rev.12/7 Michael is stronger than the devil- but Jude 9 he respected the devils authority.

c) Ezek 9/2-5 6 angels - one seems to be in charge

d) Zech. 2/1-3 The angel is always seen to be a servant of the Angel of the Lord

e) concerning rank and authority man is lower than the angels

Characteristics of Angels

a) supernatural wisdom 11 Sam.14/17,20

b) They have supernatural powers.
- Gen 18 angels but they eat
- Judges angels but didn't eat
- Gen 19/12-13 power over the forces of nature
- Gen 19 11power over man
Ps.104/4 They are spiritual beings

c) as to their features

- Gen.18/2 They often appear in visible form as men
- Gen sometimes appear as flame of fire
- They are invisible to ordinary sight but Prophets and donkeys can see them. Num. 2, 11 Kings 6

d) They are supernatural in their strength
Ps.103/20 They excel in strength

The origin of Angels

Ps. 104 God created them
Job 38/4-7 sons of god - Bene Elohim They were there in the beginning of our world.

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The Cherubim

Meaning of the Word

a) A transposition. This is found in many commentaries. Change the letters a little and it becomes Chariot. Cherubim & chariot are very similar Heb. words. In the OT they are the chariots of the Lord so they say it is just a transposition.
Ps.104/3, Ps. 18/11, 1 Chron. 28/18

b) A compound word made up of 2 words. One is the preposition "like" and the other word "many or multitude" so the word would mean "like a multitude" or "great ones"
This is Bro. Freemans opinion

Usage of the Term

Gen. 3/24 the first mention
Ex.25/18 They were there on the ark.
1 Sam. 4/4 The ark was literally his throne
1 Kings 6/23 Solomon made carvings of them
1 Kings 7/29 they appear on the laver of water
Ps.18/10 They were his chariot
Ezek 1&10 designated as living creatures.
Ezek. 41/8-20 They appear as part of the decoration in the millennial temple.
Ezek. 28/14 Satan is called the anointed cherub

Mark here. I don't know why so many people call Satan an angel. He was one of the cherubim and apparently one with higher authority as it says he was the "anointed" cherub. Something else quite interesting here is that he was called the anointed cherub "that covereth" 1 Chron. 28/18 the cherubim "covered" the ark with their wings. So apparently not all the cherubim do the covering.

Description of the Cherubim

The OT suggests they are human in form with wings. Ezek 1/6
Ezek. 1/5 called living creatures & in 10/15 they are called cherubim
1/8 they have hands
When God chooses to localize himself he has a human form. We are created in that form.
Ex.25/20 They have faces which suggests they are human in form with wings. They can be diversified in form however God wanted to create them.
Ezek.1/6, 41/18. some have 2 faces and some have 4 faces.
Ezek 1 They have eyes all over.
Rev. 4/7 The 4 faces are seen on 4 different creatures.

Mark here again. It looks to me as angels and other spiritual creatures there are various orders of the Cherubim. Differing in ability function intelligence and to some degree form.

The meaning and function of the cherubim

They always appear in the closest relationship to God. They covered the ark. They are bearers of the manifestation of God when he appears in his glory. Ezek.1,10, 1 Chron. 18/11
They are seen as guardians making inaccessible anything unholy in the presence of God.

Ex.25 They overshadow the ark and cover it with their wings.
Cherubim are seen to have the highest exalted positions of privilege and fellowship. He chose to create them to guard his holiness. God has made them so powerful that they symbolize guarding his throne. God doesn't really need anyone to do that.

The 4 faces seem to suggest
1/ man - wisdom or omniscience
2/ the ox - power strength omnipotence
3/ the eagle - soaring omnipresence
4/ the lion - sovereignty

They do symbolize something but we don't know exactly what. Some suggest they symbolize the whole created order eg man beast domesticated animal & birds.
Ezek 41 2 faces man & lion. This could symbolize a man and the lion of Judah. Why 4 faces? They don't have to turn around.

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The word means "to burn".
The term is used in Num. 21 of the fiery serpents.
The Seraphim

Seraph fiery serpent. From the verb seraph - to burn
Isaiah 6. The only place we see them in the bible.
vs 7 The Seraph as a divinely appointed instrument for the purification of the prophets sin appears with heavenly fire and cleanses the his unholiness. God didn't do it personally. He sent a being to do it. Their appearance seems divinely intended to symbolize certain spiritual truth.

They have 6 wings.
- 2 wings covered their faces. This indicates no created being however exalted can bear to look on the full divine glory of God
-2 wings covered their feet. symbolic of reverence and submission.
- with 2 wings their flew. Indicating swiftness in obeying the divine commands.

In function they have the office and privilege of continually praising god and declaring his absolute holiness. He is not vain and cannot know pride. He is absolutely perfect.
They are his ministers to perform his will however we don't know what that will is.

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Demonology in the OT

1/ Israel was knowledgeable on the subject.The apostate Israelites in Egypt and in the desert worshiped demons & knew it.
Deut. 3/16-17, with 1 Cor 10/20

2/ Evil spirits and their activities are mentioned in many places in the OT. The OT is filled with teaching on the subject & the NT just assumes you know and understand it.

a) lying spurts 1 Kings 22/20-23
Job 1-2 God is in sovereign control of the kingdom of darkness
b) oppressing spirits 1 Sam.16/14-16,23, 19/9
c) occult spirits Deut 18/9-12
d) sacrifice & worship of demons Deut 32/16-17 Lev.17/7 Ps. 106 36-38

3/ Habitations of demons
Is. 34/14, 13/19-21

4/ Using a medium to consult the dead
1 Sam. 28, Lev. 20/6

5/occultism is severely punished in the OT
Ex.22/18, Lev. 19/26,31 1 Chron. 10/13-14

6/ In a real sense the OT dispensation continues to the cross. The Jews in the NT prior to the cross were familiar with deliverance and the need of it.
Matt. 12/24-27 exorcism was a common practice in Israel. No explanation was given on either side of the cross.
Acts 19/3 Jews had a deliverance ministry. There is nothing to suggest they weren't effective
Matt.10 The commission to cast out demons. No explanation is given or why they were present in people.

7/ Many of the commands in the mosaic law have reference to the former occult practices of the Israelites.

8/ The prohibitions against certain funeral practices. eg cutting yourself cutting hair. Lev.19/27-28

9/ A prohibition against bestiality. (cohabitation with animals)
This is not uncommon in occultism and witchcraft.
Lev. 19/27-28

10/ A prohibition against eating certain foods because of their close connection with the occult. snakes, swine, stork, frogs, some birds which dwell in ruins (which are the habitations of demons) crows
You have to get the whole teaching on clean and unclean foods. Nothing is unclean in itself These are religious considerations.

Origins of Demons

If God had wanted us to know where demons came from he would have told us. The bible just assumes their existence. All these theories are wrong.


a) Demons are fallen angels. This comes out of the book of Enoch in the apocrypha. The problem is in the bible there are demons and fallen angels. Jesus never cast out fallen angels.
b) They are a fallen pre-adamic race of men.
c) Josephus said demons are the spirits of the wicked dead
d) Jewish tradition has it that demons are the offspring of Adam and Lilith( a female demon)
e) another one is the giants (nephilim) of Gen 6 died in the flood and became demons

Sphere of Existence

1/ In the heavenly regions. Eph.6 spirits of wickedness in heavenly places. Satan is the prince of the power of the air.

2/ They are the powers behind the secular govt.
Luke 4/5-8 Dan.10/2-14 All good interpreters & the Jews agree the prince of Persia is the satanic prince
Eph.6 The rulers of the darkness of this world.
They are in control of Govt, occult powers, education systems,banking systems, medical systems

3/ Desolate ruins in the desert. Jesus called them dry places
Is. 13/19-21, 34/14, Matt. 12/43
These creatures are the names of demons

4/ In people or in close connection with people to bind oppress influence and control. Mark 1/23, Luke 4/38-39

5/ In the Pit. Rev.9/1-11 Luke 8/30-31. Jesus evidently had authority to cast them there. They didn't want to go there so there must be some there already.

6/ In the Future?
In the millennium they will be bound in the pit with Satan. Is.14/12-15 Rev.20/1-3. If the devil is there then his hosts are there with him. In the eternal state they will be in the lake of fire. rev. 20/10

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Exorcism in the OT

1/ It was practised in Israel. Matt.12, Acts 19. It is implied by the NT references before the corss.

2/Josephus - He mentions Solomon practised exorcism so it must have been Jewish tradition. He said he was the wisest man & he knew how to cast out demons.

3/ Jewish rabbinical literature deals with exorcism

Protection against the Devil & Evil Spirits in the OT.

It is implied by the use of the blood.
Ex.12 They put it on the doorposts

Ps.78 48-51 evil angels brought the plagues
The pious Israelite would see a connection between the blood over the house and protection. The blood of the sacrifices was constantly before him. they would draw the connection.

Those involved in the occult know the power of these demons & invoke incantations and sacrifices to protect themselves. The OT had laws against any incantation or magic rites or appeal to any demon or god for protection. The Israelite would then call on the Lord for protection. In the NT Jesus said use my name. Mark 16/17

Classes of Demons

1/ Se'irim singular Si'ir
Translated demon, satyr, He Goat
Lev.17/7, Deut. 32/16-17
This class of demons were spoken of & worshipped & propitiated in the pre-moasic period. They are spoken of as goats. Satan himself often appears as a he-goat. He often appears with 3 horns instead of two. He goats are often trained to have sex with witches. It is in their history and it happens today. The prohibitions in Lev are because of this. It did and does happen. In astrology the 10th sign of the occult was the goat. It was considered by the ancients as the strongest & most important because it represented the devil.

2/ The Shedim.

It comes from a root that means mighty one "or" it comes from a root that means destruction
Deut. 32/17, Ps. 106/37 Israelite's sacrificed to this class of demon. In occultism this demon always appears with claws like a rooster. In animal form but with rooster claws.

3/ Lilith from the Babylonian Lilitu

The KJV translates this the "screech owl" There is no basis for translating it this way. This is the female night demon. Same in Babylon. In Jewish folklore this was Adams first wife before Eve. In Jewish thought as well as occult thought she is the female demon that seduces men at night. This is not far fetched except they aren't really male or female. Incubus & succubus spirits fall in here. Demons can manifest them self as either male or female but Lilith is always female & is common today in the occult. This demon is so prominent in occultism and found so far back that it is included in the scriptures.

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Spiritism (Spiritualism) in the OT

Deut. 18/9-12 Spiritism is the name for all these things. Some occult functions overlap.

1/ Witchcraft or Sorcery

The Heb. word is sorcery. KJV is witchcraft. (an English term)
Keshph - sorcery
The Syriac and Arabic form means to cut & pray. To cu refers to cutting your body in religious ceremonies. to pray refers to communication with their heathen gods. A witch can be male or female but it has now come to mean a warlock fora male. A witch is usually a female as mostly women practise it. The Heb. terms of r sorceress or sorcerer are definitely male or female. A witches coven is headed by a high priestess sometimes a high priest too but the powerful one is the women. The emphasis on the sorceress or female is the concept of fertility in the female. The concept of the mother goddess is prevalent in all sorcery & witchcraft even today. It is mostly women involved in this. Most fortunetelling is by women. Most water divining is by men. Astrologers have been men throughout history but today it about evenly divided.

Nature and Characteristics of Sorcery in the OT

a) 1 Sam.28 They consult the dead
b) Ex.7/11 They practise magic
c) Dan. /2 They interpret dreams
d) Jer. 27/9-10 They practise divination
e) They use drugs. Throughout history there is the implied use of drugs. It always had a prominent place in occultism but especially in sorcery. There is no verse that says this but it is there indirectly. The Septuagint translates the word for sorcery as pharmacy. Pharmakia. Gal. 5/20 uses this Gr. word. It is translated into English as witchcraft. The point is they use this Gr. word pharmakia and translate it back to the Heb. meaning of sorcery.

Drugs are used in magical rituals as well as for heightened sexual awareness etc. Medical science has its origins in witchcraft & witch doctors. It comes directly out of witchcraft. The use of drugs and hypnosis to heal both physical & mental problems comes directly out of witchcraft. This is why you never find drugs or physicians or remedies in Israel.

Divination in the OT

The Heb. term is Qesem. - divination. The original meaning is to divide.
The connection comes from an astrologer dividing up the heavens and then discerning the futre by looking at it. Divination a more comprehensive tern than astrologer. Anything that predicts or discerns the future falls under this heading. Foretelling
In the OT a diviner was a soothsayer, false prophet, fortune teller who predicted the future. The diviner looked for signs of future events in many ways
- entrails of sacrificed animal
- flight of birds
- reading tea leaves or coffee grounds. break an egg in the water etc.
- arrows falling to the ground
- consulting the terraphin
- inspection of animal livers
Ezek.21/21 1 Sam. 6/2 1 Sam. 28, the witch of Endor divined
It was common among the Canaanites and condemned by god Deut. 18/14-18

Gen. 44/ Joseph's divining cup?
Every ruler had a divining cup. His point was obviously to confuse them and bring them back. The rulers divining cup was his most important possession. A divining cup was a very valuable possession & easy to carry away. He was either doing it to confuse them or when he became second ruler along with a golden throne he would get all the trappings of royalty. That would include a divining cup.
Joseph himself said over and over he got his revelations direct from the Lord. He got his predictions & interpretation of dreams etc. He always got his revelation from the word.
a) It is totally out of line with OT teaching that Joseph was involved in this.
b) Deut. 18 clearly condemns it even if someone wants to interpret this some other way

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The Necromancer sometimes translated Familiar Spirit.

The Hebrew Term.

The English term comes from two Gr. terms meaning "dead" & "divination". The Heb. term is "Ov"


It means a bottle. An empty bottle. This could refer to the empty haunting sound a wind makes in an empty bottle. Or the hollow haunting sound of a spirit speaking through a trumpet at a seance or when they speak out of a mans mouth at a seance. Demons have to have a set of vocal chords to speak through. Thats why he has to have the medium go into a trance and then uses him. The more powerful ones create their own vocal chords but still need a trumpet to magnify their voice. Sometimes the demons don't show so many mediums are good ventriloquists.


The Sept. translates the Heb. "Ov" as ventriloquist. It was the Heb. scholars who translated it that way.
Is. 8/19 speaks of "Ov's" as those who peep and mutter.
Is. 29/4 suggests the low muttering voice of the medium
/31, 20/6,27, Deut.18/11, 1 Kings 21/6, 23/24, 1 Chron. 10/13, 11 Chron.33/6, Is.19/3
1 Sam. 28 This account give a complete picture of what an Ov does. She is called in Heb. the mistress of the bottle or possessor of the bottle.

Familiar spirit

It is called in the KJV a familiar spirit because even today a medium is possessed with a spirit of divination and it is the same spirit every time. So called familiar

What actually happens in a seance?

The demon (familiar spirit) takes total possession. The medium knows nothing. They are in a total trance and unaware of anything going on. Many times a substance called ectoplasm (the life processes of the body) comes out of the body orifices. Oral sexual etc.
The medium always has a spirit guide who will manifest through him always impersonating some important person. eg Napoleon, an Indian chief, Cleopatra. etc. They will act as a medium between this world & the next.
When someone goes to a medium to seek a deceased loved one the spirit guide impersonating a spirit from the other side goes and gets him/her and they then impersonate that perLev.19son to talk to the inquirer.

In other words a deceiving spirit comes through the medium and impersonates the dead loved one. Speaking with the loved ones voice.

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The Wizard

The Hebrew Term.

It comes from an old English word meaning wise one.
The Heb. term is Yiddoni- to know


The meaning is someone who is wise in the ways of the spirit world. Always in the OT they are mentioned with necromancers so the two must overlap.
Is. 8/19 Lev.19/31. Their knowledge is not from God and it will defile those who use it.


The Hebrew Term.
Heb. Chartim
The Heb term doesn't mean magician but engraver or scribe. Magician is used in a derived sense. An engraver is copying or carving. He is skilled in the use of his hands. The derived meaning is a magician is skillful in use of his hands. ie: sleigh of hand

Usage of the Term

Ex 7, Dan 1&2, Is. 47/12-15
Did the magicians of Egypt really practice magic or did they just use sleigh of hand. We have to distinguish today's sleigh of hand magicians who are entertainers with the OT. In OT times they practiced magic worked charms & cast spells. Ex. 7 says they did what Moses did. Pharaoh woudn't have been impressed if it had only been sleigh of hand.

11Thess. 2/9 The antichrists lying wonders. It doesn't mean they aren't real. Rev. 13/1-15
The attitude of the bible is always hostile.
Acts 8 Simon the magician was in the bondage of iniquity.
Acts 13/6-12 He was an instrument of the devil.
Deut. 18, 2 Kings 21/6 Manasseh sins
Acts 19/18-19 shows a true conversion


The Hebrew Term
Heb. Anan It comes from a noun which is the Heb word for cloud. The derived meaning is from looking up at the heavens where the clouds are.

It was probably used to divine by the clouds ie: cloud gazer
Eventually the connections between the words were lost and just the word was left.


Heb. is Nachash. The word means to murmur hiss or divine. The same term is used for snake. There is an obvious conclusion here by the Heb. A snake hypnotizes his prey with his eyes


Heb. Chever. The word means spell or charm and is quite similar to enchanter. Bro. Freeman believes the difference is the enchanter casts spells on people but the charmer was hypnotist who worked through the eye gate to reach the mind & spirit.

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His Existence and Personality

His existence is confirmed because he is mentioned in 6 different books in the OT.
Gen.,Job, Isaiah, Ezek., Zech., 1 Chron.
Every writer in the NT mentions him. He is a person. A personality. Personal pronouns are used of him. He has the marks of personality.
- rational speech Job 1,2 Zech.3, Gen 3
- He has a will and purpose to perform Is 14/12-14

His nature

- he is a created being Ezek. 28/15
- He is a cherub Ezek. 28/14
- He is of a higher order than the angels Jude 8-9

His Career

Before his fall he was found on the holy mountain of God Ezek.28
At present he is in the heavenly regions He has access to Gods throne when God permits it. Job1/7, Zech 3/1
In the millennium he will be bound in the abyss. Rev. 20
In eternity he will be cast into the Lake of fire.

His present sphere of activity

a) He exercises general control over the entire world. 1John 5/19 to cause as much ruin as possible.
b) He exercises political control John 12/31,Luke 4
c) he has ecclesiastical control over all forms of apostate religion. all cults and non christian religion. He even has some influence over some christian churches. 11 Cor. 4/4, 11/13-15
d) He has spiritual control over the whole world not the church but the world. Matt 13/38 John 8/44

Just a note here. Satan is the little "g" god of this world. He is the one who rules it. Luke 4/5-6 "for that is delivered unto me" He exercises bureaucratic control over all the world. He is responsible under God for all the orderly running of the world. That the wind moves the tides roll people eat the seasons come on time political systems rise and fall as they should. Think of the myriad control our gov'ts exercise over us. That we have police and army roads are built and repaired Water to drink. Our various gov'ts see to itthat our countries run properly. He does exactly the same for the whole world. He is responsible to God for seeing that the earth runs the way it should. In Job 1 we see him coming to God to give a report on how things are in his dominions. This happens in every country and company in the world. Ministers secretaries and managers coming to their boss to give a report on their department. This is a very big subject and obviously one can't cover all all the angles.

The Terms

Satan. The word means adversary. The term is also used of men and even God.
11Kngs 5/4,1 Sam.29/4, 11Sam.19/22, Ps. 38/20
Num.22/22 God was an adversary to him. As theology and history developed we begin to see him recognized as a personality. In Zech.3/1 we have the words Satan and resist. They are both the same word. In the Heb. one is capitalized and one isn't.

The Serpent

The question is . . . is Satan a serpent? In both Gen. and Rev. he appears as a serpent. In the occult there are strong references to satan as a serpent. He is often seen in vision as a serpent. Ezek. 28 shows he is a Cherub not a literal serpent
Why is shown as a serpent then? Because it describes his deceiving deceptive and poisoness nature. To speak with Eve he had to have a mouth to speak through. Being immaterial he had to possess the serpent. It is a as common for demons to possess animals as people.

So why the snake?

a) it was more rational and intelligent than any other creature
b) it could talk and communicate
c) it wasn't in the form then that it is now. It probably had legs and maybe wings. There is no way to tell what it looked like before the fall.
d) The curse was also put onto the snake. It allowed itself to be used. Obviously there was moral culpability or God god would never have judged it.
11cor. 11/3, Rev. 12/9 all the devil
It appears the serpent was more beautiful and intelligent than any other creature under man & could talk as well. In the Apocrypha (Wisdom 2/24) the Jews had already come to same conclusion as Paul in 11Cor. 11/3
In Rom. 16/20 Paul connects Satan with Gen.3/15

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Evil Spirits

Everything in the OT was under the sovereignty of God
- Judges 9/23 an evil spirit
- 1 Sam.16/14-16 - a troubling spirit
- 1 Kings 22/22 - a lying spirit

The OT shows the total sovereignty of God in dealing with evil spirits. In the NT we realize the same truth but also that they are under the control and authority of Satan


It is supposed to mean "The Lord of the Flies" 11 Kings 1/2
Ekron was a philistine city that made images of their diseases. 1 Sam. 5/6 Archeologists in excavating the city have found golden flies.
In the NT he is called Beelzebub.
- Matt.12/26 Jesus identifies him with Satans kingdom
- Mark 3/22 He is called the prince of demons so must be the devil
So according to this the philistines were worshiping the devil directly. 1 Cor. 10/20 The Jews believed that the gentiles sacrificed to demons.
So in 11 Kings 1/2 By bypassing Yahveh the God of the Jews to go to the god of philistines that god must be very important. They knew him to be Satan the chief god of heaven. It was the King of Israel that did this not just some Joe. It shows the Jews considered him to be very important. The point here is this is why the NT Jews had picked up his name and applied it to the devil.
This is one of those bits of theology that was developed between the testaments. Because Jesus never did any teaching or explaining about Beelzebub. Many things like this were developed during this period. Bro Freeman believes God directed their thinking & theology to reach some of these conclusions.

The King of Babylon and The King of Tyre

Isaiah 14 and Ezek 28. Conservatives have always believed that these two passages have figurative reference to the Satan.

Isaiah 14 Three main views.

a) It refers to the King of Babylon alone
b) It refers to Satan alone
c) It refers to both Anti-Christ and Satan and not the King of Babylon alone

Why is # 3 the correct view

To properly determine for yourself much study in Isaiah Ezek. Zech. Danial Matt. Rev. is needed which is not the scope of this study.

a) The passage is prophetic. It starts with reference with the future day of Israels rest and triumph over her enemies. Future tenses are employed in the passage. eg vs. 3

b) The passage is addressed to the future king of Babylon. The bible clearly teaches a Babylon yet to come (Rev. 17-18) whose ruler is Anti-Christ Rev. 13-17. When Anti-Christ comes he will be supported by Satan.

c) In vs 12-14 the language moves beyond Anti-Christ to Satan himself. Then in vs 15 it returns back to the king of Babylon.

d)There are several passages where He is addressed through others that he influences or possesses.
Gen. 3 God addressed Satan through the serpent
Matt. 16/22-23 Jesus addressed the devil through Peter
John 13/27 Jesus addresses Satan through Judas

The point here is the language of Isaiah 14 cannot be limited to a mere king of Babylon and God is addressing Satan through the king or anti-Christ.

Ezek. 28

VS. 2 - This is exactly what Anti-Christ says in 11Thess. 2/3-4. The language of Ezek 28 goes far beyond what a mere man would be.
properly determine for yourself much study in Isaiah, Ezek., Zech., Danial, Matt.,

There is a solid discussion on this in the OT prophets book pages 304-408

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The Angel of the Lord

The Heb. term here is Mallack Yahveh. Zech. 1/8-12 This term occurs in many passages in the OT. The question is though to whom does it refer? The context show it is not an angel but deity and the per-incarnate Christ.

For those who don't know. In the KJV and probably the other versions as well when the word "LORD or GOD" appears with all letters capitalized it is Gods personal name of "Yahveh" being used

- Hagar - Gen 16/9-13 vs 13 she called the Angel who spoke to her Yahveh.
- Gen.18/-3 vs 1 - Yahweh, vs 3 Adonai -deity
- Gen. 19/11-12,18 The angel of the Lord calls himself God
- Gen 3/11-13 The angel of the Lord is the God of Bethel
- Ex. 3/2-4 the burning bush

they are commanded to obey him
he has the power to forgive or not forgive. Mark 2 Jesus
- Ex. 13/19, 14/21 The angel in the pillar of fire was called God. It was his presence
- Joshua 5/13-14 He wouldn't worship an angel. The ground was holy indicating the presence of deity.

The early church believed the angel of the Lord was God as well. clement of Rome wrote of Moses and Joshua seeing God when he appeared as an angel in the biblical passages.

- Judges 2/1 He appeared to Israel
- Judges 6/11 Gideon
- Judges - parents of Samson
- 1 Sam.24/16
- 1 Kings 19 Elijah's flight

Only this particular angel is called Malack Yahveh. God enthroned himself on the ark as his throne. Students of the bible have always concluded that the Malack Yahveh was God himself. A theophany. A temporary manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ. In the NT after the incarnation the angels are never called Mallack Yahveh but just angels & when Jesus appears it is in his permanent glorified body.

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