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Tommy Hicks: The Sleeping Giant [message #10373] Sun, 24 November 2013 16:54
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As you read this prophecy, you see people being translated all over the world. HEF said this was going to happen in the end times.

I know of young people who are doing this as we speak!!! They are not doing the greater works miracles, but I believe they are coming soon. Their first priority is love, love, and more love.

We are living in exciting times! Smile


Tommy Hicks, 1961

My message began July 25 at 2.30 at night, in Winnipeg, Canada. I slept very hard going to bed, when the revelation that God has given me, appeared before me in a vision. This happened three times, with the same compliance detail every time. I was excited and deeply moved by this revelation that completely changed my outlook on the body of Christ and to serve in the last days.

The most wonderful event that ever took place in the Church of Jesus Christ, are still before us. A difficult task is to help men and women in this to realize and understand the importance of the issues that God is trying to communicate to his people in these last days.

When the vision appeared before me (while I was sleeping), I found myself at a great height. I do not know where I was. But when I looked down at the ground, suddenly the whole world appeared before my eyes - I saw every nation, every language I've heard. From the east and west, north and south - I could identify every country and many cities in which I was previously. I was very afraid and trembled all the while standing and watching as the big picture.

At a time when the world appeared before me, I saw lightning and heard the crack of thunder. When the lightning went through the whole earth, my eyes were turned down and looked to the north. Suddenly I saw what looked like a big giant - it was a very strange sight: his feet seemed to go north and head south, his hands were stretched from sea to sea. I could not even understand the end, whether it was a huge mountain, or a recumbent giant. After careful lucked is, however, saw this giant. He struggled to survive. His body was covered with tumours from head to foot and only sometimes able to move. When it did, thousands of disgustingly-looking little creatures seemed run of him, and when it pacified, returned home.

Suddenly the giant raised his hand to the sky - first one then the other. When it did, creating thousands seemed to flee from him in the side of darkness and night.

The giant slowly began to rise, and when he did, his head and hands were in the clouds. Once created, his feet seemed to be cleaned of debris and dirt that was on him; begun to raise their hands to heaven - as if they praised the Lord. Hands were raised in the clouds.

Suddenly, every cloud has a silver. It was the greatest silver I have ever seen. When I looked at this phenomenon, I felt his greatness and I could not understand what it all means. I was very moved at that view, I began to cry out to the Lord: "O Lord, what does it all mean?" I knew that I was in the spiritual realm and I can feel the presence of the Lord - even though physically I slept.

While staying at this great height looked at the people moving on the ground. A man was in Africa, and for the moment has been moved in the Spirit of God to Russia, China or America or to other places - people moved around the world. Also passed through the fire blight and famine. But nothing could stop them - even if the fire of persecution.

Then came armed with swords and guns, and they - like Jesus - they passed through the crowd and no one could find them. They walked on your behalf. Wherever pulled his hands, the sick were healed, blind eyes were opened. Did not practice long prayers.

the truth - I have not seen any church or denomination, but the people who marched in the name of the Lord of hosts. Hallelujah! Later many times I analysed this vision in my mind and I noticed one more

When they marched forward, whatever they were doing was a service for Christ in this final time. These people served by crowds throughout the world. Tens of thousands, even millions of people came to the Lord Jesus Christ, when they stood and preached the message of the Kingdom to come in the last hour. It was wonderful. God will do in these last days, such things as the world has ever seen.

These people were full of life. I saw them as they walked across the earth. Degrees meant nothing here. When one appeared to fall, another came and raised him. There was a big "I" and little "you", but it was reduced every mountain and every valley raised. One thing seemed to be common - divine love that flowed from these people when they walked together, worked and lived together. This was the greatest true, that I could learn. Jesus Christ was the theme of their lives.

As I watched from the sky, sometimes like great drops of liquid light fell upon the great congregation. Then such a meeting raised their hands and praised God for hours and even days when the Spirit of God descended on them. God said: "I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh" and exactly what he did. There was no end of His miracles, don by every man and woman, with strength and knowledge of God.

When these people came to earth a great persecution struck the tip of everyone. Suddenly a big bang, thunder was heard around the world. And I heard a voice saying: "This is my people, my beloved Bride." When that voice sounded, I looked at the ground watching the lake and mountains. The graves were opened and people from all over the world, the saints of all nations seemed to emerge. When I rose from the grave, they began to descend from all directions, forming together as a giant body. I came hard to grasp the fact that the dead arise from their graves (at first those who have died in Christ) - it was so wonderful and so hard to understand that no such a thing could ever dream or think.

Suddenly, the clouds began to fall drops of warm, radiant rain on the mighty giant. Very slowly it began to melt and sink into the ground. When the melt, the whole shape vanished, glancing across the surface of the earth. Began to fall a great rain, which caused the flood on the earth. When a giant melted down, suddenly appeared, millions of people, resulting in the world, they raised their hands and praise the Lord.

At this point, a great roar was heard from the heavens. Directed his gaze toward the sky and saw a figure in a blindingly bright white - the most wonderful fabric I've ever seen. I have not seen the face of this form, but I knew that it was the Lord Jesus Christ. He stretched out his hand over the people and nations of the world, for all men and women. When I pointed at them with his hand as though fluid flowed light, ran down to the people and the powerful anointing of God Come on them. These people began to move forward in the name of the Lord.

I do not know how long they looked. It seemed to me that it lasts for days, weeks and months. I saw Christ's pulling your hand.

But it became a tragedy. Many people did not accept God's anointing and calling. I know I've seen people who knew with certainty that received God's call. But when the Lord stretched out his hand, bowed their heads and began to retreat. They looked as if they walked into the darkness. The darkness seemed to surround them everywhere ...

However, in humans, whom he anointed - hundreds of thousands of people around the world: in Africa, Asia, Russia, China, America - the anointing of God rested when they went forward in the name of the Lord. Among them were plumbers and cleaners, rich and poor. I've seen people associated paralysis and disease, blindness and deafness. When the Lord reached out and gave them their anointing, they may be healed and moved forward. Was a great miracle when people pulled his hand as you did and the same fire was in their hands. When I pulled out my hand, saying, "according to my word, or healed."

All these people devoted themselves to serving the end-time. I did not realize fully what was the service. I looked at the Lord and asked what it all means. And he replied: "This is what I will do in the last days. Restore and mend what has been destroyed by locusts. Thanks to my people in the last days will go forward. As a powerful army will fill the earth. "

When this body began to form and shape, again took the form of a great giant. But this time it was different. Clad in the finest white, his coat was without stain or blemish. People of all ages gathering together to form this body. Slowly it formed and grew up to the sky, and then came down from heaven the Lord Jesus, and became the Head. I heard the thunder and the following words: "This is my beloved bride, I had been waiting. Arrived, tried in the fire. She is the one that I loved from the beginning of time. "

My eyes turned suddenly to the north and saw the destruction, men and women crying in fear and crumbling buildings. Then again I heard a voice: "Now, my wrath will be poured out upon the face of the earth." God's anger began to spill all over the world. I remember this view as if I saw him just now. Shivered and trembled, seeing the city and entire nations mired in the destruction. I could hear crying and screaming of people who went into the caves, but these did not give them shelter or escape. Jumped into the water, but not drowned. There was nothing that could destroy them. They wanted to receive their own lives, but they could not ...

Then again, I turned my gaze to the body dressed in stunning white outfit. Slowly it began to rise from the earth. When I followed, I woke up.

I saw the end-time ministry, the last hour. 27. July in the morning - the same revelation, the same vision came again.

Christian Media, Cieszyn

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